Jul 18, 2009

Progress through the Moors

Moors of Ykesha DockMy main Yetian has finally finished the quests in Jarsath wastes, which I worked on to get a hammer that ports you back there. The hammer is handy when doing instances in Jarsath as it saves you some time getting to the zone.

I’ve now begun questing in the Moors of Ykesha which is the overland zone introduced with the TSO expansion. I’ve quested here before with my Inquisitor Mawmet though I didn’t do too many before playing Yetian as my new main.

The first image is of the dock where you land if your method of travelling to the Moors is via the airship from Sinking Sands. I don’t travel that way as I am a Warden and can open a portal to the Moors, or use our guild hall portal NPC to port there.

Gnomish ContraptionIn the landing area there are many quest NPC’s to be found as well as a banking area, crafting stations (with NPC’s) and a mender. There are writ givers and an NPC who gives out 2 shard quests. The Dropship Landing has a very Gnomish theme  with lots of strange looking Gnomish contraptions scattered around the place, in fact the Gnomes are likely the very same Gnomes that built the airship.

As well as the quests in the landing area there are many others after you fly down from Dropship landing to the ground area. The quests are set out in linked quest lines as are many quests in Everquest 2. I should explain that Dropship Landing is positioned above the area where your quests take you. You reach the lower area by climbing into a barrel which is then launched (with you inside), through the air and into a net on the ground!

The first part of the zone is a good size with various factions of NPC’s and creatures for you to pit your skills against. Bloodskull pirates and Boarfiends are the two main factions in the first area, though there are of course the friendly Gnomes and their robots.

In an air balloon to firmroot mootI’ve now completed all the quests in the Dropship Landing area of the Moors and have made my way to Firmroot Moot which is where you are sent to continue your questing in this massive zone.

I’ve included a couple of images showing the air balloon ride to Firmroot Moot as it does show the scale of the Ykeshan Moors. It’s a slow ride, but each time you can’t help thank the developers for creating such a breathtaking zone.Another shot of the ride to Firmroot

As this zone is one I have yet to complete on any of my characters I’ll keep you all updated with Yetian’s progress through the Moors and take some more screenshots of the zone for your viewing pleasure. ;)


  • The Moors isn't just a beautiful zone. It also offers some great questlines, especially when finally reaching The Moot.

    Although it involves a lot of running I think the pirate-questline was my favourite. The pirates are all trolls (some of the greatest NPC-models in this game if you ask me), and disguised as a rather…stunningly looking *gag* female pirate troll, you have to work you way up through the pirate-ranks to gain acces to the pirate-officers quarters. It takes a while but offers some nice rewards along the way AND a great reward to end the quest.

    Right when you land in the starting area of the Moors, an NPC will offer you another IMO important quest, which involves going to all the key-areas of the zone. The quest is easily done when you've got all the balloon-spots, and as a reward you get a walking stick which you can click from inventory and get a running speed buff of +35%. A VERY nice item if your class doesn't come with its own running speed buffs.

    I recently finished this zone on my Swashbuckler Ffaffy, and I'm looking forward to doing it on my paladin Ffaffner too…although I suspect the pally to make it a lot slower progression *sigh*

  • As i hit 200AAs just after starting the quests in Tupta, i've not progressed much in the zone, probably got half of the place left to do, but while the zone is often stunning to look at, real sense of scale, especially if you jump off the overlook with a featherfall cape on, I found the quest lines to be a bit all over the place, and there is far too much repetition, not much flow to them either, they seem to be all over the place.

    Been hearing from various people in my guild that the new quest lines in the existing Kunark overland zones (Kylong Plains, Fens of Nathsar, Kunzar Jungle and Jarsath Wastes) are a bit messed up with too much going between zones farming faction with the various Rime followers being a tad tedious, not much like the almost perfect quest "flow" they had in Timorous Deep.

    So something to look forward to when the next expansion arrives and ups the AA cap /cry…

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