Jul 29, 2009

Intermission and a new rank

Flying in a Blenheim MKIV-TIt’s intermission in Battleground Europe (well until later today), as my side the Allies lost Campaign 53.

Before I go onto my thoughts on the Campaign I’ll talk about the intermission that Cornered Rat Software setup.

In short they set the map up with a kind of Battle of Britain arrangement. The two sides were to fight over the channel with the allies already having towns in France so a ground war would be underway straight away.

Equipment was restricted to nothing heavier than light/medium tanks, no grenadiers and not many sappers. Air wise the fighters would have no cannon’s only machine guns and there was to be a new Torpedo bomber. It was the Torpedo bombing that I tried out during the first day of the intermission (I was in EQ2 on the 2nd day ;) ).

Instrument panel on the Blenheim MKIV-TThe first image above is me flying  a Blenheim MKIV-T a torpedo bomber over the sea looking for enemy ships. The image to the right is the instrument panel showing my altitude at around 200 feet! That’s right, you had to skim the sea as the max altitude for Torpedo bombing was set at 200 feet and max speed of 150mph. I was a bit fast at the time of taking the photo as I had just switched to continuous RPM which meant I could set my speed using my throttle ready for dropping the Torpedo.

Flying at low speed and altitude is a hairy business as the Blenheim can get a bit twitchy.

It was a risky job trying to get to the ships as most of the time there seemed to be more enemy fighters around than friendly, probably as a lot of friendly pilots were flying bombers. Flying low and slow meant I was an easy target and I was often picked off either by enemy air or ships. To the ships I was pretty much a sitting duck as they just pointed their AA guns at a slow moving target (me) and fired.

With one of my squad Igor flying in front, I did manage to get a kill on a German Destroyer. Igor was ahead of me and flew to drop his Torpedo, I think he got his Torpedo off but the shop was still floating. As he flew past the ship turned it’s AA guns to fire on him, meaning that as I was still coming for the ship I had time to get close.

Crashed into the seaI dropped my Torpedo and flew past, but as the ships guns were still pointing in that direction, the AA guns dropped me into the sea easily. The image to the left is one of my many crashes during my Torpedo runs.

As soon as I hit the water though I saw a kill credit (you get those messages during intermission). That’s right, my torpedo had killed a Destroyer and it’s controlling player Ratcatcher!

That kill was my one and only Torpedo kill during intermission but I did enjoy having a go at the new plane and Torpedo bombing. I don’t think I could have done it for another night as it wasn’t the most thrilling of bombing sessions, but if it was released into a live campaign I would do it again on occasion.

On my way to set an MSP up to blow an FBDuring the last Campaign I made another rank! I am now rank 6 in the French Army and as a result can create my own missions.

The image to the right is of me driving a truck to setup a Mobile Spawn Point near an enemy Forward Base (or Firebase). FB’s are forward spawn points for your sides forces. They sit between towns and are important for maintaining an attack. I’m often found at FB’s as a Sapper trying to blow them. Blowing an enemy FB results in it vanishing and nearby your own FB will appear. This can push back the enemy attack to the town the FB was linked to.

As a Sapper you need to place 4 charges on the Vehicle spawn (centre poles) and 8 on the Infantry spawn. At the Inf spawn I usually place them on the side of the tents. Sapping FB’s is a good way to gain rank points as well as an effective way at slowing down your enemy.

As I wait for the next Campaign to begin I have found myself thinking about what happened in the last campaign.

I didn’t get as much play time during campaign 53 as I did in 52, due to buying a house outside of game (lots to sort out). Each time I did manage to log on we would have been pushed further back towards the french coastline.

During campaign 52 this also happened but we managed to turn it around when the situation looked bad. As a result of hard work and hard fighting by the Allies we pushed the Axis forces back and ended up winning the campaign.

This time however, things went bad early on and then got worse fast. It seemed that many allied players from what I heard had defected to the Axis side. It’s as if they thought “this is tough, I’ll go play on the winning side”, something you will never find me doing.

I’m still learning the game but no matter how bad things look I will always be on the allied side. If I’d planned to play some BE, I’ll log on and fight no matter how bad the map looks.

I also still don’t really understand our High Commands decisions. I’m not saying they are all wrong, just that I don’t yet understand how the whole HC thing works. There was a few situations where I found myself wondering why certain actions had been taken by our HC.

Well now I’ve rambled on for a while, maybe any BE players reading can tell me what you thought of the last campaign and the intermission. Servers are due to be reset for campaign 54 sometime later today.


  • Hey glad you're having some fun as your experience unfolds the game for you. It's a long term proposition compared to most games but you seem to be adapting well.

    I think you should treat the High command thing like you have the rest of the game. When you have enough rank to join the High Command, give it a shot. After playing that part of the game for a spell you'll have a much better picture of why it is what it is.

    Until you get there though, don't think about it too much. You have enough to do at your learning level already, and thinking about something you haven't been able to experience directly is an excercise in self frustration.

    Don't force that upon yourself, let your death to a thousand things you'll never see be your frustration instead. All the time learning to be one of those thousand things frustrating some other n00b of the future. :)

  • Hi Doc,

    Thanks for dropping by, hope it's the first of many comments. ;)

    I have no intention of going for the HC at the moment, as you said I've a lot to learn.

    I'm trying to raise my rank in the navy and air force at the moment, at least to rank 3 to unlock a few more options.

    As you can tell from the blog here I also play EQ2, so with that and BE and the dreaded real life, I think HC at any point will be too much time wise for me.

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