Dec 15, 2008

Warhammer Online – End of the line for me

I first played Warhammer Online in the late Beta stages and then continued on when the game went live, but I’m afraid my time in this game has come to an end. It’s a shame as I was looking forward to WAR before release having been an avid games workshop fan as a kid. When I first entered the Beta stage of Warhammer Online I was looking forward to exploring the world I was so familiar with and seeing if all would be as I imagined.

The world itself was good fun to wander around, the races and their game areas pretty much as I imagined them to be. The Dwarves were gritty and beer filled, the Elves elegant and the Empire fanatical in their ways. As you can tell my first choices were on the side of Order, though I did try out a Goblin on another server and loved the comical actions of the Greenskins.

The game itself as you will probably know is split between PvE (player vs environment) and RvR (Realm vs Realm) combat. The PvE side of the game has some interesting ideas such as public quests and some quests a bit different to the usual types. I paticularly enjoyed dropping a rock on a Snotling and quests such as shooting harpies out of the sky. Public quests are as the name suggests, quests which need help from other players to progress. They are constantly running and you can simply walk in and take part in the quest, the stage you enter at and how much you do determine your reward. These quests were ok at first as everyone was playing in the same areas, but later on as people out leveled me I found them to be empty and therefore impossible to complete.

The PvE area of the game in general feels a bit empty though, yes there are lots of quests to do but on your travels in an MMO you expect to see a bit more of the other players in the game. I think having public quests rather than a mix of solo and group quests such as you find in EQ2 dilutes the player base a bit in other areas. To really group with others you end up mostly concentrating on the PQ areas if you can find enough to do the quests that is, granted this is probably down to the fact I was a very casual WAR player and as a result fell behind the crowd in terms of areas and levels. In EQ2 however there are always people to group with in various tiers of the game and of course the mentoring system often means our higher guild members are found questing with lower level characters in the guild.

The other side of Warhammer Online is Realm vs Realm combat or PvP as a lot of you will know it. RvR takes place in two ways on core servers, there are set areas you travel to for PvP combat and Scenarios. There are also open RvR servers where your always flagged for RvR combat no matter where you are, this can also happen if you attack those who are flagged RvR on core servers. The RvR combat is good fun at first though the scenario’s (instances), do get a bit boring after a while and you really need others to be around to take the flags in the RvR areas. This is another area of the game that I found a bit quiet as the general player base progressed. My Goblin char on an open RvR server saw a bit more action as the level range which you can fight against is larger than on core servers, resulting in what are normally tier 2 characters still playing in tier1 RvR areas.

In the end I logged on feeling a bit lost and without much player interaction as the lower areas became a bit quiet for the reason’s I’ve already stated. I’d try and go into RvR but that became a bit tiresome as well after doing the same area for an hour or two. I have a feeling the more complex higher tier RvR and city battles would be more interesting, but I just didn’t have the will to get myself there. It’s a shame as the Warhammer world is a great place to base a game on and there were some interesting classes to try out, I just didn’t feel there was enough depth to the game for me to continue playing.

So with a fond and yet frustrated farewall to Warhammer Online it’s Yetian out.


  • There does seem to be a problem with many MMO's lacking a decent size player base for new sign-ups and low level players to group/quest with. I found AoC the same. But then there are too many MMO's tbh and not enough time to go round. It's a pity, but it will be interesting to see which ones fall by the wayside over time.


  • Unless you're WoW these days, the Massive element of the game has taken a nose dive. Too many games not enough people seems to be the problem.

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