Aug 8, 2009

From Wizard to Warlock

Naitey the new neXus WarlockRegular readers might remember my creation of Gallish (Troubadour) and Bruenark (Beserker) as alts to have something different for guild groups. As my main is a healer and my other level 80 also a healer, I’ve been looking for something else to play when our other guild healers are in the group.

I had a 73 Wizard named Naitey with bright orange wings and eyes, every bit the Solusek Ro following Wizard. As we have another wizard in the group which our leader is using as his main, I thought betraying to a warlock would give us something we didn’t have.

After the betrayal quests from Kelethin to Freeport, which were pretty easy by the way, Naitey is now a fully fledged Warlock. For those doing the betrayal which involves quests inside Qeynos, I’d advise doing Spreading the Truth, repeatedly. Just hail the npc and if he offers you another quest, then cancel and hail again until you get Spreading the Truth.

You can see from the image above that I also gave Naitey a makeover to make him look as evil as a Fae can do.

Bertoxxulous Deity PetOnce this was done and our guild sage Arrlan kindly upgrade all my spells (had to sell a few things to raise cash), I was ready to begin. The first quests I chose to do were those for my new Deity Bertoxxulous, the plaguebringer. As Warlock spells are based around disease he is the sensible choice. The quests were easy enough at level 74 (hit a new level betraying), it was a bit of a pain however going to Timorous Deep all the time to hand in a quest and collect the next one. I am now on the final deity quest and have obtained both an altar and my net pet.

I have also begun the order of Rime quest lines, more on that when I eventually complete the line itself, Rakulous a guild mate of mine posted on our forums to say there is a nice ice mount at the end of it.

More on Naitey’s progress will follow, as he nears 80 and TSO groups with the guild.

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