Sep 15, 2009

Squad night & Bombing Kills at last

On Sunday night I took part in the Hussars squad night again, I try to make Sunday the one night a week I’m always on BE so I can join in with the squad.

We decided to hit the factories as we’ve done before only this time with 3 trucks to split all our sappers up between factories. We flew from Mendig to Essen with Igor as the pilot once again, avoiding AI on the way and hoping enemy fighters were not there to meet us.

The Hussars land near EssenI logged on a bit late and the squad decided to pick me up on the way, so I spawned in at an FB to wait for the plane. As I was watching the plane come in it dipped behind a hill, trusting our pilot I waited. On vent however I soon found out I’d be waiting a bit longer as a giant moving hill had got in the way of Igor’s plane and it had flipped.

The 2nd attempt by our valiant pilot picked me and the other hussars up that had clambered out of the first plane and we set off again.

This time we made it to Essen and landed, a good landing from Igor especially as we were minus one wheel courtesy of an AI gunner. I’d also like to say thanks again to Igor for all the work he did setting this attack up, as well as Svart and I think Tass for running trucks out to Essen.

After we landed a truck arrived that had been waiting as usual, this time followed by a 2nd truck. We split into two,  some heading to a northern factory and some to the factory in the SE of the town. The plan was to drop some from one of the trucks (including myself), into the SE while others went on elsewhere. The 3rd truck which should have been inside the first factory wasn’t so we ended up going for two instead.

I won’t go into detail on how we blow the factories as I have gone over that in a previous post. The expected air cover arrived in the end and as before our truck was shot by a few well aimed strafing runs. With no re-supply we had to leave after causing some significant damage to the factories.

This wasn’t the end for the Hussars however as we had already decided to return with bombers and some Hussars that had died earlier were already on their way. I took off in my trusty rust bucket (a Blenheim MKIV) and completed a few bombing runs myself. I think I managed to hit the factory once, the other times I was shot down as my rattling metal box isn’t too hot at evading good pilots, well maybe it’s me, not the plane.

Along with a few Hussars I then dropped out of the bombing runs while the rest continued on. Our job was to defend Mendig as the enemy were dropping Para’s into town. We managed to liberate the town at least twice before we noticed a lot of incoming fire from the east hill. I spotted some anti air guns and a 232 on the hillside so tried to get out there on foot to take care of them. I was picked off easily so tried with an ATG, the 232 died to my first shot and then I followed as a result of incoming gun fire from the hill. Maximinus was making a run around the back of the guns with his ATR while I was dying.

I then took to the air again and with a few Hussars flew around the woods and then came in low over the tree’s with the enemy guns in a line in front of me. I didn’t hold out much hope as my bombing is pretty dire at the moment and my only kills to date had been a few infantry. Still I came in closer at low altitude and let loose with every bomb I had, getting hit on the way past and hurtling into the ground past the enemy guns.

My first bombing kills of none infantryThe image to the right is my kill report, I was shocked to say the least! I’d managed to take out all 3 enemy guns and the half track supporting them. At this point I decided to call it a night as things could only go downhill from there. Maximinus had made the run and was laid behind them, so I might of stolen his thunder. ;)

The following day I spotted a post on the battleground europe forums about our factory sapping efforts. A lot of complaints about how we are “gaming” the game, despawning every bomber a poster saw after dropping bombs and other general whining.

Now I fully expect flame (insulting) comments to this post and feel free to rant away, but I am entitled to put my point across.

As far as I’m concerned sapping the factories is fine, as there is nothing to stop the Axis forces doing the same to our factories. Granted they would have to send a troop transport ship with a truck over to the English coast and fly some sappers in. This is no harder than us having to drive a truck for hours and then fly our own sappers in.

Sure there should be more AI in Essen, sure it’s not realistic to sap factories as you’d run out of supply usually. This isn’t really the point though is it? Battleground Europe is a WW2 MMO sim, but do we all really expect complete realism from an MMO? If it’s allowed in the game by the Devs then there is nothing wrong with doing what we did to slow down the re supply of enemy forces. If we didn’t do it someone else would and I wouldn’t be complaining if they did the same to us, I’d just try to stop them instead.

I’m not going to glorify the ranters with quotes from their post, as usual the people complaining fail to see both sides of the coin. One poster even whined at bombers de spawning every time he saw one drop their bombs, even trading posts with Hussars only for us to find out he actually meant Koln which is not the town we were at.

The problem with some BE players is they only want to fight in the big battles on the front line and anyone that does anything different is whined at. I like to do that sure, but I also like to blow FB’s (sometimes alone), drive guns out to an airfield to supress enemy air, destroy factories and the rest.

It’s a war MMO, war’s are not all about front line fighting. We had people saying that we were avoiding the fighting, obviously not able to see that slowing down resupply is a part of a conflict that aids your side just as much as having those 15 people fighting in a town.

As for the campaign? Well our forces had pushed deep into axis territory, only for a few strange decisions from our HC to result in us losing ground fast. With this lost ground and morale, the allied players seem to have either stopped logging in or defected to the Axis in droves. I will continue to log in with my squad and fight no matter how bad the map gets, we’ve already had one squad member leave the squad for the Axis side as he couldn’t handle the challenge.

I wish that Cornered Rat Software would put in a restriction allowing you to only play one side during an individual campaign. Controversial? Sure it is, but it would stop the spies and make the map more balance, maybe make people fight to save their side longer.


  • I think you'd be surprised at how many players are not side specific players. Sure you get to see the same guys week in week out doing the job for the side, but there are a lot more players who go where the stuff is.

    They either log into the over populated side at the time, or log in based on what equipment they want to play with depending which tier the campaign is currently in.

    I hazard that the game would be more imbalanced with campaign side locking, as most would be thinking about the end game and playing with their preferred tank/gun/plane.

  • Nice posting Yetian and it sums it up perfectly.

    We never shy away from a fight and do what it takes to keep the Axis at bay.

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