Mortal Combat

Mortal Online LogoI beg anyone who has played perhaps the greatest single player RPG game of all time, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, not to have wondered what it would be like if it were turned into an MMO. Well, with talk of a possible online future for Fallout 3, who knows what we might see on offer from Bethesda Studios.

But until that happens (if ever), there is already a possible contender for what could be considered an Oblivion-style MMO – Mortal Online. Developed by Swedish developers Star Vault, it claims to be the next generation of MMORPG, with a free-to-roam world that offers real-time, first person style combat with no dedicated PvP only areas. Information is limited at the moment, with only a few Alpha phase screenshots and a somewhat contrived ‘teaser’ trailer on the site. But it’s worth signing up to the newsletter as it provides periodic updates of how the game is shaping up.

Check it out now HERE.



  • Now that looks good, the bit in the video with that guy in the cave with a torch, looked terribly similar to Oblivion (Elven Armour perhaps) but alas, it is fully PvP which I couldn't do for a prolonged period i'm afraid.

  • I'm Off to have a read up on it now, it looks nice from a quick look around the site. As Wodge said, I might struggle to stay in a pure PvP style game for long. As a casual gamer I found myself falling behind the masses and often ended up playing in empty PvP areas during my time in WAR. Saying that if they can manage to keep it engaging at all tiers it could be fun, afterall I did play Planetside (pure pvp) for a good while.

    I might give it a go, we'll see how it progresses. It's another one I'll be keeping an eye on for beta application forms. ;)

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