Dec 2, 2009

Star Trek Online Beta Jan 12th

Wodge, a gaming friend of mine and occasional writer here at mmo-symposium asked me the other day If I was planning to try the beta for Star Trek Online.

I signed up for the beta a while ago, as I do with most of the larger MMO’s. With the announcement that the open beta is due to start on January 12th, I should at least get the chance to try it for a week or two.

I guess as an MMO blogger I should be trying betas, though I don’t get chance to try all of them so have to limit myself to the more hyped ones at the moment.

Star Trek online is sure to have it’s fans and with the open beta now announced I’m sure the interest in the game will increase. As I’ve said, I’ll give it a go though I’m not looking forward to it nearly as much as I’m sure a lot of you are.

I have played the more futuristic MMO’s such as Star Wars Galaxies, Planetside and I took part in the Fallen Earth beta. I played SWG and Planetside between EQ and EQ2 and did enjoy both.  I’ve even played a trial of EVE online. At heart though I guess I’m more a swords and sorcery type player than a space and laser gamer when it comes to PvE MMO’s. I also prefer games based on their own world rather than that of a well known world/book/film.

I think games based on their own world and lore have more scope to go places they want to go. This isn’t always the case though as having your own world doesn’t guarantee a good game. LOTR seems to be doing a good job of taking an existing well known world and making a game out of it, though the fact it’s so closely linked to the storyline can be both a positive and a negative for me.

It will be interesting to see how Star Trek Online works. I’ll be honest I haven’t looked into it a lot recently, but the game does have an unlimited universe to base itself in. With that in mind it does have huge scope for it’s own ideas and hopefully it won’t be too tied into the storyline Trekkie’s are familiar with.

Are any of you looking forward to Star Trek Online? If so why are you so excited about the game? Or are you just looking forward to trying another MMO?

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