Dec 16, 2009

Your year in MMO’s 2009?

Firstly a Merry Xmas  to all MMO-Symposium readers!

As I currently don’t have the net at home due to Virgin’s slack install dates. I’d like to know what you’ve all been up to this year in MMO terms?

What games have you played? Which ones kept you playing and which ones did you try and drop after a beta/first month?

Also which MMO’s are you looking forward to the most for 2010?

I Myself as you might know if you’ve been reading the posts here (if not then go read some ;) ), have been pretty much playing just Everquest 2 and Battleground Europe. Everquest 2 is a game I’ve played none stop since beta and is my main PvE game of choice. Battleground Europe is my PvP game which I only started playing this year. I am still enjoying BE while waiting for the huge new graphical update that’s on it’s way.

I tried a few beta’s such as Fallen Earth and Champions Online, neither of which held my attention enough to subscribe to. I’ve also played Dungeon’s and Dragon’s Online (the free version), which is not a bad game but it does have a bit of a solo feel to it. The reason for that is unless your grouped you only see others in city/town areas.

I plan to try Star Trek online open beta in the new year and I’ll probably have a look at The Old Republic at some stage, though the amount wanting into beta is sure to be massive (Bioware are you listening? ;) ).

So that’s me and my year in MMO’s, I now await your summary of your own MMO journey through 2009.

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  • Well will chip in – Played EQ2 almost exclusively this year and got my first ever max character and I have been playing MMO's since Kunark in EQ.

    Also tried Warhammer (I think that was this year) – I thought some of the aspects of it were excellent – Public Quests were a great idea and the thought put into Classes, I love engineers, Witch Hunters and Arch Mage and they were about the only ones I played. Then there was some of the PVP things like taunting reduces damage against the non tank players etc. Only problem was I was starting to get behind and had a hankering to get back into eq2.

    Just had another break due to virus, work, illness, xmas etc etc but hoping to get back into it very soon.

    Game most looking forward to in 2010 – The Agency I think although I am off to look up that Star Trek and Old Republic you mention Yeti

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