Jan 26, 2010

New Plugin for you Smart Phone users

I’ve installed the WPtouch Mobile Plugin after a recommendation from the owner of We Fly Spitfires MMO blog.

The plugin should detect your smart phone and display a faster, easier to navigate version of MMO-Symposium. I know most of these phones have a full web browser, I have an Iphone myself, If you prefer to use the normal theme on your phone there is an option to turn the theme off at if you scroll to the bottom of the page. The mobile theme plugin does result in faster page loads and it presents a nice front page where you can choose which post you want to read. Granted you probably will want to read them all if you haven’t already but hey. ;)

Let me know how you find the new plugin and if you have any issues with it when viewing this blog.


  • It's a great plugin that makes a huge difference to surfing WP sites on your iPhone so I'd defo recommend it.

  • much improved on my htc magic running android (cyanogen 4.something, heh)

    can actually read the comments now without having to manually navigate to a comments page for each topic.

    also loads a fair bit quicker, now all i need is wptogo to support wordpress not hosted with the wordpress peeps and i'll be happy :D

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