Jan 27, 2010

Everquest 2 Battlegrounds

Smuggler's Den, one of the new Everquest 2 Battleground PvP zonesI just received an email from Sony regarding Everquest 2 Battlegrounds. There are 3 PvP maps with either 6 or 24 players on each side. The type of matches announced are Capture the Flag, Tower capture and hold, as well as having to find and hold onto a relic of some kind.

Everquest 2 Battlegrounds

Apparently we wanted it so we’ve got it, according to SOE.

Personally I don’t remember asking for it but some people must have done, that or an SOE dev did. Either way another try at PvP is coming to EQ2.

The first attempt was the arena’s in Freeport and Qeynos, something I’ve tried but like most people gave up on after a couple of matches.

SOE’s second try at PvP in Everquest 2 was to create PvP servers. I did have a character on one of the servers and it was fun for a while but it simply wasn’t busy enough to make it fun long term. Other players must have had the same opinion as Sony closed down the European server. This means as a European Everquest player you have to change your launcher to the US server selection and play on a US PvP server.

For their 3rd attempt at PvP they have added rewards such as Chaos armour. This does offer a carrot to players but as of yet there are no details about the armour itself. Will it be appearance only? Will it be stat gear? I guess I’ll have to play the new zones to find out.

Granted I’ll probably try these new PvP area’s with my guild, well at least the 6 player a side versions. Will I be playing them on a regular basis? I doubt it, but you never know they might turn out to be a better implementation of PvP than previously attempted by SOE in Everquest 2.


  • The arenas were a completely flop in EQ2 and I think they were just introduced as a knee-jerk reaction to the fact that everyone complained that there was no PvP in the game when it launched.

    I played mainly on the US PvP server (even though I'm European) and it was excellent. Not to everyone's tastes mind you :) Will be interesting to see how the BGs fair.

  • I didn't try the us server so can't comment on that. I did enjoy the pvp server but without my guild it didn't feel the same and the server was quiet.

    The problem for me in eq2 is any dedicated pvp server would always be secondary to my main pve server where my guild is.

    If you decide to try battlegrounds your welcome to try them with neXus on Splitpaw. You would just need a max level character on our server. ;)

    That actually poses another question. If you need a max level character to use battlegrounds and they are released just before the new expansion do we have to level to 90 to use them after the expansion is released?

  • you do need to be level 90 for it, but it should be pretty good, word is they're introducing a 3rd equippable set of gear too (normal gear, appearance and pvp gear) with some kinda token system as seen in WoW.

    Adds a bit more to do at the top end i guess that isn't raiding, but 3 maps is being kinda stingy imo.

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