Feb 12, 2010

Battleground Europe – More on Axis equipment

A Bedford truck after it met with my 232I’ve now played a few Campaign’s since swapping to Axis with some of my squad and our new squad the SODS plan to stay there for at least the next campaign.

One of my new favourite unit types is the 232 armoured vehicle. It’s a very wobbly but very fast armoured car with an AP/HE firing main gun and a machine gun to back it up.

The picture here is what was left of a Bedford truck I blew apart as it tried to head to an FB I was defending.

The 232 doesn’t stand up to anti tank gun fire or heavy rounds of any kind. It can be destroyed by an anti tank rifle, a well place rifle shot from close range and as with any armour, satchel charges.

So you might think, why would I want to drive round in an armoured car that can be taken down so easily?

Well the 232 is fast, fun to drive, with guns that can chew up EI, anti tank guns, trucks and other small armoured cars like the Panhard with ease. Hell I even got a kill on a Stuart tank by ramming AP rounds into the side of it’s turret.

If your playing Axis for the first time, give them a go. Sure they are no replacement for a well armoured and heavy gunned tank, but they have their place on the battlefield as fast attack cars. The other day myself and a few of the SODS flew through an underpass in the centre of a town as the attack was at a bit of a stalemate. We drove right through the enemy guns and infantry, swung around and decimated everything in the way. Granted there were no heavy tanks in the way at that time and a couple of the SODS died in the melee, but we managed to stop the enemy spawning and allow our infantry to capture the CP. We then drove into the Army Base and helped suppress the infantry inside.

I’ll be posting about other equipment types soon, but for now, get in your wobbly beast and head off onto the battlefield.

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  • LOL That sounded like a fun "raid". Once my inevitable huge lottery win arrives and I have more free time I may come take a look!

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