Apr 26, 2010

EQ2 upcoming update on test

The next EQ2 game update is now on the test server, complete with Halas and the travel revamp.

I’m looking forward to Halas though I’m not sure what to make of the changes to the travel system. There is a lot said about the system in the update notes though I am not totally clear on how it will all work. Will the click to use a Griffon or Sokokar mean instant travel or do you still travel on the mount?

Now when selecting a travel location via teleportation, bell, or sokokar/horse/griffon etc. you will do so through a travel map.

Simply double click your choice, or select it and then press OK to be whisked away.

Does “whisked away” mean you click and pop up in your new location, or in the cases of automated mount travel, you still have to fly?

Does the travel revamp take away more immersion from the game?

There are a lot more changes in the upcoming update so I’ll let you read them rather than detail them all here.


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