May 5, 2010

EQ2 Tanking Tips?

It’s almost that time again… Alt creation time!

As you know if you are a reader of this fine blog, I’ve talked about the upcoming Halas update and the fact that I will be making my first tank alt since my days in the original Everquest. Well that’s not strictly true, I did have a previous tank alt or two neither of which made it past level 20.

I am a healer at heart, always have been and no matter what other classes I try I always have a healer main. I have various alts in EQ2 covering most archetypes, but no plate tank. I do have a 48 monk though he’s too busy drinking Jum Jum to tank and monks are not often used as main tanks. Having a tank alt can only help me be a better healer, seeing things from the view of the one I’m always trying to keep alive.

This new incarnation of tank type goodness shall be my main active alt (at least that’s the plan) and as the players of Splitpaw are a fine bunch I don’t want to scare them witless after one group with me.

So I thought now would be a good time to seek the wisdom of my fellow Everquest 2 players and see what tanking gems I can uncover. It’s not just EQ2 of course, many tanking methods work on various MMO’s so lets see what advice can be gleaned from the MMO world in general. After a discussion with a member of my guild I’ve settled on a Beserker for the character class.

I am aware of a few things myself, I have picked up a few bits of advice during my years of healing all you meat shields. Techniques such as turning the mob and body pulling are things I can manage after a few disasters are out of the way.

Who knows? If enough advice comes this way I could compile it into a guide and immortalise your name alongside your top tips.

With that in mind, it’s over to you. ;)


  • Main tip i can give you mate is prepare each pull.

    Angle the camera so that you can see as much of the room as possible, look for any hidden mobs.

    Another good tip is to turn on "Target Encounter Name Border" which adds a box around any other mobs linked to the mob you have targetted. Access this by going to Option > User Interface > Name and Chat Bubble > Target Encounter Name Border

  • So how's the bard going ;)

  • Fine as you can see from the latest post. :)

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