May 23, 2010

Care in the Community

Just a quick post today.

I was on Splitpaw my Everquest 2 server when a player named Gungydin offered to give 2 new players cash to buy a starter horse as he had received money from a player for making an item. He said that he didn’t charge for labour so was giving away the cash to new players and ended up giving 3 platinum to 3 players in total.

I always like it when I see acts of kindness in MMO’s to help out new players. Sure some will say they could earn it but with mounts now available for real life cash those who are willing to spend money can buy them without earning anything in the game anyway.

I always drop heals on injured solo players and buffs when I can. I generally don’t have cash to hand out but I have often made things for people using my own rares or buying a few and making out I had them on me. ;)

What acts of MMO kindness have you seen in your MMO’s? Or what have you done to help others?

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