Jun 4, 2010

Lord of the Rings to go F2P

This Autumn, Lord of the Rings Online will follow Turbines other MMO, Dungeons and Dragons Online and go Free to Play with a cash shop to match.

DDO has become very successful since it went F2P, and I have no doubt LotRO will follow it, but what happens to all the Lifetime Subscribers?  My guess is a mountain of in game bonus items and more than likely a few tokens for the cash shop every month with a discount.

I know a few people on this site have lifetime subs, your thoughts?

Via Joystiq


  • I'm just glad I didn't take up their recent lifetime sub offer :)

  • I have a founding life sub offer so even though I haven't played much I have had it's value. ;)

    So are you going to play now?

  • I suppose I should give it a bit more attention, gave the trial a good go, but it seemed a bit twee, and I'm not a big fan of Tolkein to begin with, more of a Neuromancer chap than The Hobbit, but there's not much of a market for Cyberpunk MMO's that aren't crap…

  • Quote…[but there’s not much of a market for Cyberpunk MMO’s that aren’t crap…]

    Fallen Earth ?

  • Wouldn't call FE cyberpunk tbh mate, thats post-apocalyptic, think more Ghost in the Shell than Mad Max :D

  • Hey if it's free to go questing with, why not. As long as they don't make the difference between free and paid earth-shattering it should be fine. Giving a endgame edge to a paying player is a bit unfair. Giving stuff like faster mounts, prettier looking armor (not stats) and bigger bank slots are acceptable I think.

  • I guess even a big name like Lord of the Rings isn't good enough for a pay to play plan. F2P is always good for new companies in the game industry.

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