Jun 10, 2010

Battleground Europe 1.31 is live!

An Image of Bombs landing in Battleground Europe 1.31Last night I managed my first play session in Battleground Europe since the new update went live. 1.31 Is for the most part a graphical overhaul to the 9 year old MMO which is celebrating it’s anniversary by launching this new version of the game. There are other changes too such as the revamp of the capture mechanic but I only managed to get in on one building capture as I spent most of last night in bushes surrounding towns I was defending looking for incoming enemy.

I’ve taken a few screenshots to show you of said bushes and other random sights, I’m sure more will follow in later posts. One of the most impressive sights of my first session was when a dozen or so bombers dropped their bombs over the town in sync. I was on a nearby hill so had a great view of the bombs falling and hitting the town, complete with some nice explosion effects. Before any call of duty players read this and complain the graphics are not up to their standards think of one thing. We are not talking about a 30 player map here and a game that’s just been released. We are talking about a 9 year old MMO with huge open play areas with many more players, a game that due to it’s age is still mostly processed by the CPU rather than the GPU. In fact a squaddie last night told me that he overclocked his CPU to see if it improved his  frame-rate and noticed a big difference. Battleground Europe also as far as I know doesn’t have multi-core support so more cores won’t help, just clock speed. MMO’s have to cater for a wider range of tech due to their expected longevity and I think the new graphical changes for Battleground Europe look great.

It plays really well on my PC with an average FPS of around 60, considering that the eye can only see around 35 (or something like), then staying over that is enough. My spec is as follows:

i7 920  @ 3.2 Ghz

6GB DDR3 @ 1600

ATI HD5870 PCS+ (factory overclocked)

160GB intel G2 SSD

A decent machine so you’d expect it to run well but if as I think a lot of the FPS rating is down to the CPU, overclocking that more would increase FPS should I ever need to. I’ve had the CPU at 3.8 stable but reduced it to decrease the radiator fan noise.

The pics are pretty self explanatory, apart from the one of Josker crouching in a field. I thought he was taking a crap so had to have pictorial evidence for you all to see. The random bush pic is Downsey hiding from no nearby enemies. Plus there are pics of my corpse (thanks to the new rag-doll physics) and other random sights. More will follow focused on more specific elements when I get around to it. ;)

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  • looking very nice, reminiscent of Op:Flashpoint. Nice to see the devs are taking it in the direction of STALKER's graphics (functional but very crisp) rather than overdoing it with the shaders.

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