Jul 19, 2010

The blogging block

Apologies for the slow arrival of posts in the last month or so, I’m having a (partly enforced) blogging block. With a mini me on the way and all the things that need to be sorted before the arrival, my time for gaming (for those long weekend sessions) is reduced. I’ve had less time to look around the MMO space or to write the posts here.

I’m hoping this will improve now most things are sorted out though I’m sure when baby arrives I’ll find gaming time harder to find.

It has got me thinking though about blogging in general. What kind of posts do people want to see? Lots of MMO blogs post only about aspects of the genre or upcoming games, with less in game experience posts. Here at MMO-Symposium myself and the other slacking writers have tried to make the site about all aspects of MMO’s. For me in game experiences are a big part of my MMO life and I often like to write about them or post a few pics of what I’ve been up to in game. I even thought about having a dedicated MMO photo blog as I sometimes feel that angles on MMO’s I want to write about have all been covered by those who slack less.

The most popular post so far here has been the Everquest 3 post and I have been surprised with the amount of comments received, all with great idea’s and views on the Everquest series or what MMO’s need. It’s posts like this that make me want to continue blogging. I mean sure I want to put out my thoughts and ramblings, but sometimes if nobody drops comments in return you feel a bit like a madman talking to yourself.

If anybody reads this thinking “I’ve tons of things I want to say about MMO’s” then drop me a message and get writing here on this blog. Oh and any budding designers wanting to design a blog and have their work credited on the web are welcome too as I’ve been thinking about a bit of a redesign. I blame the latter on Gordon at We Fly Spitfires for his shiny new design that got me thinking.

If there is a continued lull while my fatherhood status takes hold in the next few months, I hope to pick it up again when time allows and  pop the odd post in here in between. With a bit of luck I will gain inspiration from the MMO world in general and a slew of posts will ensue, who know’s maybe someone will read them.


  • I'm just lucky as I have a design friend who does my bidding :P

    • Hehe nice. I need to find one lol.

      Ever had the blog block yourself?

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