Jul 27, 2010

Rift: Planes of Telara

Logo for Rift: Planes of TeleraOk Wodge has gone and done it again…

His post “Not Playing MMO’s” mentioned an upcoming game, Rift: Planes of Telara which I’ll admit I hadn’t really heard much about or looked into. Well thanks to the Short Shiny one (he plays dwarves in plate mail),  I have been having a read of the Rift website.

I have to say first of all it’s my kind of MMO, I’m a high fantasy MMO fan as you may know from my previous posts. I find high fantasy style worlds more interesting than the more futuristic worlds of Sci-Fi MMO’s, that’s not to say I don’t play those games, they are just not my preference.

Rift takes place in a world call Telara which was protected by a Ward setup by the Gods, due to the actions of the inhabitants of Telera this Ward was damaged and creatures from outside are now trying to get in. It’s a bit like the Shadow Odyssey expansion in EQ2 I guess though much more involved.

There are 2 factions on Telara which the players get to choose from, the Guardians and the Defiant. For the Guardians think religious “I’m going to cleanse the world to save it” types and for the Defiant think “Where are the Gods when we need them, we’ll save the world ourselves” types.

The class system is what has my interest the most at the moment. You as a player are an ascended, someone slain during a past war and resurrected to fight the new invasion. You gain your power and in fact your play style from souls. From what I can gather you gain one soul to start with which is the class you begin with, you can attune additional souls as you find them which enable you to choose abilities from other class types in addition to your own. These souls can also be dropped and changed as you find new souls to attune, with “heroic” souls available which give new game play experiences. Each class types has root abilities and branch abilities, choosing branch abilities gives you access to more root or core abilities for the class type.

This is a different system to those in LOTRO and EQ2 and is certainly interesting, though I’m not sure how it will work in practice. My initial worry was that characters would become a one size fits all type character where someone could cherry pick abilities from varying class types. I think this has been controlled by restricting players to souls which form subclasses of their initial character choice, which seems like a wise move.

The world itself seems like it will be changing constantly due to the actions of the players. In an interesting interview with Scott Hartsman creative directory of Trion the company behind the game, Zam discover some of the details about the world and how it will work. I like the part where Scott explains how they want to bring back and reinforce the social aspect of MMO’s. If a rift opens players get more rewards if more players are involved in closing it. So rather than going solo, you will be encouraged to call for others to aid you in your struggle.

I will be keeping an eye on Rift: Planes of Telara and I’d love a beta invite (hint hint).

If your reading this, what are your thoughts on the game? Does anything I’ve mentioned above peak your interest?


  • Hey! I saw it first! Beta me up please!

    • Hehe I'll settle for a joint account. ;)

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