Jul 29, 2010

Final Fantasy XIV Beta: Now with added “Whenever you want”!

Today the Final Fantasy XIV closed beta went into it’s final phase, which means us lucky few with beta keys get to log in whenever we want!

I haven’t really been playing the beta as much as I could, don’t want to know everything about the game before I really get started on it after release, but have checked out the crafting, harvesting, trading and combat mechanics, and they’re all “good in the hood” as the kids might say.

Only a few short weeks until the 22nd of September before I get my hands on my copy, and my Collectors Edition “Frosted Adventurers Tumbler”!



  • So are you giving me your login so I can have a look? ;)

  • can do mate, only if I can ninja advertise my guild here :D

    intrepid.guildportal.com ! Have a look, come join us, website currently in semi construction!

    Oops, already have :D

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