Aug 7, 2010

Farewell to the Fields

Due to the impending arrival of a mini-me my gaming time will be reduced for a while. As I haven’t been able to get in Battleground Europe enough to justify the monthly sub I have decided to let my subscription slide and for the moment at least I’m saying farewell to the battlefields of Europe.

It is a shame as I have enjoyed my time in the game, it’s something different to everything else out there and with the latest graphical patches the appearance of the game improved too.

I met some good people in Battleground Europe and had many a laugh on my squads voice servers as you can tell if you have a quick read of the Battleground Europe category here on this site.

I hope to return to the game once things settle down here as it’s nice to have a bit of PvP to go with my main PvE games. For now I’ll be sticking to EQ2 and LOTRO as I’m only paying for one of the two and with the LOTRO life sub it doesn’t matter if I only drop in now and again.

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  • if i were you mate, i'd get into global agenda, just became subscription free, and probably has the pvp shooting action you're after.

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