Aug 25, 2010

Final Fantasy XIV Closed Beta Test Ends!

After much bug reporting, feature requesting and all that jazz, the Final Fantasy XIV Closed Beta has ended.  Open beta should start in early September, hopefully by then Squeenix should’ve fixed the awful patcher.

I’m really looking forward to the game, recent concerns about the “Surplus” exp system have been somewhat off-putting, but I’m hopeful it’s not what it looks like and is actually just an exp bonus system that’s suffered from bad translation.

Anyone else unsure of the game and going to be jumping in the open beta?  If you like it and are going to play it on release, don’t forget I’m forming a sexy linkshell, for sexy people ™, on the Ultimecia server, we’re called Intrepid and recruitin’ now!!


  • Give me a shout when the open beta opens Wodge. ;)

    Only managed a couple of hours in closed.

  • how did you find it? i know its a bit weird starting in a new mmo, but good yeah?

  • It wasn't bad, I did find the quest setup a bit confusing.

    I had to get a levequest and then go to the actual hub to pick the quests up.

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