Aug 31, 2010

Are you an MMO completionist?

As some of you may know, I like most of my guild have an army of Alts in EQ2. My latest plan was to work the higher level ones that are not 90, to 90 to get the xp bonus for the remaining characters. The target alt was to be my warlock Naitey who is 83 at the moment.

This was until I got thinking about my main Yetian the Warden. I really need to be working his AA’s as he’s only on 208 at the moment, so I began working his remaining quests and finding new ones. I then thought it would be nice to finish some of the main quest lines that I’ve yet to finish on any character. These include quest lines such as Swords of Destiny and the Claymore lines.

I started working those and then ended up finding a Heritage quest I hadn’t completed. For those that don’t know these are quests that give items from the original Everquest as rewards, as well as personal and guild status. To date I think I’ve finished 36 HQ’s and have 7 or so in my journal, with one still to pickup.

I intend to complete all the HQ’s, then go back to quest lines and then other random quests to complete my AA’s.

So what about the rest of you? Do you have one character you like to complete all quests on, or is there some other aspect of your chosen MMO that you just have to complete?


  • Hehe, I'll never be a completionist. I wish I would though, but I could never find the time. The good thing about doing everything is that you get everything out of the game, and to this day I still hate to delete quests from my journal, BUT…I have to have some kind of pace in my progress and although I dont demand instant gratification, I do want it in the "near future". Generally I just do what I feel like when I feel like, and this has the downside, that I will miss out on some stuff…and as you know, Yeti, it will also make me completely ignorant to some of the finer aspects of the game ;)

    I do admire, though, how you completionists can work, work and work at those crafting stations!

  • I'm probably a completionist, do so with most games too, especially single player RPGs, will play through doing my own thing, then get the official guide or some gamefaqs thing then 100% it. I try to concentrate on one character, I tend to see time playing on alts as time "wasted" when I could be playing my main. I did the Sword of Destiny line during my time in EQ2, and to be honest, it was horrid. Awful questline of camping grey con mobs and clicking 50 little statues hidden all over the damn place, BUT I DID IT AND GOT MY SHINY SWORD!!!1

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