Sep 3, 2010

I do…

A Wedding in EverquestI received an email today about a game called Dragonica a free to play MMO that I admit I haven’t heard of before. Having had a look at it, the game looks like the majority of F2P MMO’s these days though with graphics that are maybe targeted towards the younger audience.

Anyway, this post isn’t about Dragonica as such, rather the contents of the email I was sent.

The email begins with :

Gala Networks today announced that their new marriage system is now incorporated into its free, manga-style online action game Dragonica, and is available for all players from today. As well as an all new quest chain for the newlyweds, Married couples are then in addition able to gain the exclusive marriage achievement which unlocks a powerful bonus for both partners to enjoy.

To commemorate the occasion, gPotato Europe are going to be running an exclusive Dragonica contest whereby, newly married couples can submit their wedding photos and screenshots to win fantastic prizes.

Now this had me thinking about marriages in MMO’s. I know of people that have met in MMO’s and married in Real life, hell I’ve even stumbled on an Everquest wedding on my travels once. I myself would rather be questing or exploring, though I’ve have nothing against those that do have their mmo wedding. In fact I Imagine on Role play servers this could be something that happens a lot as you don’t get much more role-playing than marrying another character. Plenty of people must have MMO weddings but to have an achievement for it is a new one on me. If this was to happen in more in MMO’s would this mean real couples will be setting up more online weddings in the game to show their MMO love? Is it an effort to increase the community feel? Will all those gruff voiced macho guild mates of yours be getting married just to get achievements?

Here’s the full info from the email by the way.

Dragonica’s couples – show your love with the brand new marriage system

Update unveils wedding planners, marriage ceremony and couple quests

Dublin, Ireland – 2nd September 2010– gPotato Europe is delighted to announce that the marriage system is now incorporated into its free, manga-style online action game Dragonica, and is available for all players from today.
Dream weddings can now be a reality, thanks to the highly anticipated Dragonica marriage system. The beautiful wedding hall has officially opened its doors, complete with a registrar and wedding planner to take care of everything that the big day requires. For couples looking to take things to the next level, the marriage system is the perfect add-on, as it casts aside all doubt that both partners belong together. The marriage system unlocks an exciting new quest chain that is especially designed for, and exclusive to, married couples – it’s not just a mere ritual as these new adventures can only be conquered together!
On the big day, players can enjoy a beautiful ceremony and say a few special words at the altar. And if that’s not enough, married couples gain an exclusive marriage achievement which unlocks a powerful bonus for both partners to enjoy.
To commemorate the special occasion, gPotato Europe are also running an exclusive Dragonica contest. Newly married couples can submit screenshots of their wedding guests online, for the chance to win a fantastic prize. Further details will be available on the official European Dragonica website (
As part of the upcoming wedding system update players will gain access to four brand new PvP maps and a skill reset scroll for the fourth job change quest, which is perfect for those after an adventurous honeymoon.
Existing players of Dragonica are invited to log back in to check out these new zones, visit the official European website at, follow us on Twitter, Facebook, or see the game in action on the official YouTube channel at New players can download the game directly from or legally via Bittorrent.

I can see it now, MMO sites springing up to provide online MMO wedding video services? You’ve all seen those players in MMO’s offering to do up your in game house for a fee? Well how about MMO wedding planning websites (in Dragonica they provide the service it seems)? I can certainly see a few provisioner’s or cooks making some good money out of this, assuming you can produce food/drink related display items.

On the other hand I myself can see a certain appeal to it? I mean every MMO wedding must have a bar right? I’d attend the Kelethin wedding just to watch the drunken Dwarves falling out of the tree’s!

On the other hand we could see those dodgy Ratonga in Everquest 2 setting up as divorce lawyers, deciding who gets that shiny new sword you looted the other day as your other half helped you earn it.

Ok serious MMO thinking hat on now. Have you ever taken part in an MMO wedding as bride, groom or just as a guest? Was it as an addition to a real world relationship or just for a bit of online fun? Oh yeah, If your thinking about getting married on Splitpaw (EQ2) or Laurelin (LOTRO), I could be your MMO wedding reporter. ;)


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