Sep 28, 2010

On the Blogroll: Troll racials are overpowered

A quick post today, the first in a possible new series of quick posts.

MMO bloggers usually have a blogroll of other MMO blogs they link to which are deemed interesting and of use to their readers. Here at MMO-Symposium our blogroll has a good few sites for you to check out and today I thought I’d drop a quick post about the latest addition.

Thanks to Gordon over at WeFlySpitfires I discovered a new MMO blog today. The blog in question is Troll Racials are overpowered, a refreshing MMO blog where it’s owner Klepsacovic isn’t afraid of stating his opinion in an honest and amusing manner. Posts such as “Goblins and Gnomes are perverts” and twitter comments like “It amuses me that my mage could two-shot himself” certainly brightened up my morning reading at work today.

So welcome to the MMO-Symposium blogroll Klepsacovic and to the rest of you, go have a read.

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  • He does have an interesting outlook on things. I haven't been over there in awhile I need to update my feeds!

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