Oct 6, 2010

Final Fantasy XIV: Why are you not very good? Eh?

Yes, I know I’ve been spamming nonsense about FFXIV for the last few weeks, and the game came out, yay!  Now I’ve decided to jack it all in, as it’s just not very good. Why? Lots and lots of reasons, disappointingly, the game has so very, very much potential, which I fear will be squandered by the developers, which is why I decided to quit.

After the break I go through the various things wrong with the game.


- For a game so heavily based on crafting, no auction house, or even a way to search for specific items on the various vendors.

- UI lag, its server side, so every time you open the menus there is a delay, EVERY DAMN TIME!!

- Having to stop running to ready your weapon.

- Small settlements about the place, 3 buildings, 5 npcs, all do nothing. What is the point?

- Lag, did I mention the lag?

- No name filter, seeing people called “Num Lock” and “Banana Jesus” is rather annoying in a role playing game.

- Copypasta world, it’s like they made a small patch of terrain then ctrl + c, ctrl +v everywhere!

- Not much questing, but I must say what quests there were, are of very high quality indeed.

- Really, really, really bad lag.

- No tutorials, other than a very basic combat tutorial, the game doesn’t really give you any assistance in actually playing the game, not much documentation either, which would’ve been useless as they changed most of the crafting mechanics a week after the games release…

- Bleak landscape.  Personal preference, but the landscape around Ul’dah and Limsa Lominsa is very bleak indeed, beautiful at first, but after a while it gets to you…


- The Lag.

- Not much variety in gear…

- … which doesn’t matter as you need to be a good few levels higher than the item you want to craft, in several tradeskills before you can make the stuff.

- Everyone is too pretty.

- Mi’quote don’t have bikini and dancing “jiggle physics” ;)

- Epic Lag.

But worst of all, the game could be absolutely amazing, but it feels like most of the poorly thought out “features” aren’t game issues, but the developers “vision” i.e they want the game to be like this. Which is cack.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m really disappointed with it, the beta was full of promise.

Is anyone persevering with it? Think it will improve in a few months? Can you make Rift release quicker? PUT YER WORDS BELOW!!


  • Well, Wodge, honestly, what did you expect? FF14 is a japanese console MMO, not your average US made themepark PC MMO.

    You need to do things server side to lessen the client side load because the game is intended for the PS3 mainly (still am surprised they actually made a PC version and released it a good 6-8 month prior to the PS3 version).

    Which is also the reason the entire UI has poor mouse/keyboard optimisation, since console players use gamepads anyways. Use a gamepad and the whole thing gets a tad more manageable. ;-)

    And while the devs do not plan on putting in an auction house, they did anounce that they are aware of the situation and are planning to overhaul how the market ward/bazaar system works. Rumours talk about a possible search function being implemented.

    As for quests… besides the main storyline quests, there aren't any quests currently, just the leve system (which basically serves the same purpose as the thousands of generic quests you get in other MMOs… to get you some cash, faction points and xp). Give it a couple of month and try again. Oh, and if you quit, who's running the linkshell now? Did you promote somebody to leader or is the LS dead as it were?

  • Aleks,

    I probably play a fair bit more games than the other bloggers on here. I'm well aware of how japanese games tend to be different to western ones, but the point is, this game is devoid of content, gameplay, or any redeeming features other than the player models.

    I was half expecting a message popping up after patching saying "Thankyou for testing the Final Fantasy XIV ™ PlayStation ™ 3 Beta! Come back in March for the full release!"

    Monster Hunter 3 is where the game should be, epic landscapes, engaging content, a usable user interface, and relatively lag free online gaming (all on the humble Nintendo Wii!). Instead we got a game that barely runs on a PC, which is expected to run on a PS3 (which is still inferior spec wise to a pc good enough to run FFXIV reasonably).

    I honestly cannot see how they can, or indeed anyone can, justify the games poor performance, ergonomics in regards to UI, or lack of things to do, because it's a sloppy console port. A port of a console game which isn't out on the console in question!

    If a developer intends to release a game on pc, they should make sure it actually works on pc, instead SE have decided to do one of the worst ports since DMC3, and in doing so, they've probably alienated most of the western MMO gamers, and probably their Japanese home market with the rumours of it being developed in China.

    A game based this much on tradeskills needs a robust auction house system, using the PS3 as a reason not to implement it is completely idiotic.

    As for the LS, it is closed until further notice.

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