Oct 14, 2010

Healing for one

I’m back after a two week not touching my PC break and only because I’m on my laptop at work. I had an enforced computer absence due to paternity leave after becoming a dad for the first time.

I’m hoping to get back playing an MMO sometime soon once I catch up on some sleep, but I have still been reading up on the usual MMO news, so there’s sure to be some more posts soon, with rift one of the games I’ve read a lot about.

Anyway, the point of this post? Strange title I know but it’s something I’ve been thinking about now I will have less time in game for a while and probably have to go afk in groups on occasion.

My main in EQ2 my main MMO is Yetian the Warden, a healer class as healing is what I enjoy best. Healers operate best in groups as they need people to heal and healing yourself can get a bit boring to the point where you usually forget to do it when soloing.  Now that I may have to go AFK without too much warning if baby Yetian needs a nappy change, will I still be wanted in groups?

Nobody wants to be rolling through a dungeon only to have their healer go AFK for a while. Will it tarnish what I think is a decent reputation for Yetian the warden as a healer? Will I still be able to group with my guild neXus or raid with sneaky hamsters? Or will I be relegated to healing random passers by just to feel good about myself?

So come on MMO community, you healers out there. How have you managed your healing with parenthood? In fact any of you MMO’ers regardless of class. Pass on your tips to the tired blogger over here.

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  • Group with a Paladin, means you can slack on the healing!

    EDIT: Actually, nope, the buggers nerfed a paladin's healing ability. Solo more I guess? hehe

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