Oct 24, 2010


Finally! It’s Happening!

Hi-Rez Studios (those fine folks behind Global Agenda) are making a Tribes based MMO, you may recall my love of the Tribes series from an earlier post.  I’ve been playing Global Agenda a fair bit in the last few weeks, lack of subscription and generally being quite different to other MMOs (what with it being shooting robots with lasers) have made it a refreshing change from Beards and Orcs.  Hi-Rez have promised to keep GA going as well, and they seem the kinda dev to do this, so we’ll have 3 Jetpack based MMOs available soon.

On the subject of GA, the game is still very much under development, with only 1 true solo PvE environment, but the level of quality is there, so I’m hoping for great things from the developers when it comes to tribes.  Hopefully they’ll also include the rest of the Starsiege universe, Walking Mechs are always good fun!

Anyways, just in case you missed it the first time, here’s my amazing tribes inspired comic!

Your reaction is "lol wut" by the way.


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