Dec 7, 2010

Rift CBT Phase 2

17-20th December, Rift Closed Beta Test, Phase 2.

VIP master race rejoice! Non VIP key people, cross fingers!

Probably going to a similar affair as the first Phase, but this time with 100% more Guardians, and no Defiants.

I tried a few class combinations out, Paladin/Beastmaster, Shaman/Justicar and Ranger/Marksman.  Problem I have is, I can’t decide which I like more!  Pally/Beastie is good for smacking crap up and doing a bit of DPS, Justy/Shammy is cool for general survivablity and (eventually) powering through hordes of mobs. Ranger/Marksman has a shotgun, that is all.

Without getting all NDA, anyone else play last weekend’s beta? General thoughts on it? (VERY GENERAL THOUGHTS PLEASE NDANDANDANDA)

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  • I did enjoy the beta, though if I told you more I'd have to kill you. :)

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