Dec 17, 2010

WoW Bot Ban

WoW bot banI came across this article today in one of my RSS feeds at work, regarding the banning of a World of Warcraft bot. I have to admit before this article I hadn’t heard anything about the issue, probably due to the fact I’m not a WoW player.

My interest in this issue isn’t WoW, but the wider implications this could have if the decision to keep the ban in place was overturned.

The arguement seems to centre around the fact that the creators of the bot in question say their customers should be able to use the bot as they purchased the game and should be able to do what they like to the game the purchased. The other side of the arguement is that customers are merely purchasing the rights or licence to use the game and that this does not imply ownership of the software or contents of the game.

I am in complete agreement with the second of the two views. I do not think that as I buy and subscribe to EQ2 I own the game, it’s an MMO and I am paying for the right to install and play the game. My subscription simply is payment for the service SOE provide which includes the servers, game updates, staff needed to keep the game running and other bits and bobs. If these bot users think they own the game then they need to think about the fact that they are altering not just their own copy of the software but the code which is running on servers they certainly do not own

If the bot ban was ever to be overturned then it could spell the end of MMO’s for me. Who would want to play a game like EQ2 where auto camping, harvesting or even hacking and altering of characters was allowed? I know at the moment the WoW bot in question is there to play the first few levels for a character but if anyone thinks it would end there then that would be a very naive viewpoint indeed.

Maybe it’s just me, but I actually enjoy the lower levels as I always seem to find something different to do with an alt, and it’s usually where I pick up the basics of a class. I play MMO’s to interact with other players and running a Bot is hardly doing that. It would explain why you often see high level players who don’t have a clue what their class is supposed to be doing.

What are your thoughts on the WoW bot matter, or the implications it could have should the ban ever be overturned?

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  • In my opinion a game wouldnt work without bots. Especially in WoW there are many botters. So many people are at max. level who really dont want to do all the leveling with a new char again. I can understand most of them if you played one or even a few chars by hand its ketting very boring with the time. I am using the AIO WoW atm for my self……

    But on the other side its also good to ban some of the botters because too many of them rune a game. If you play by hand and see all these bots anywhere you dont want to play anymore.

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