Jan 8, 2011

Some EQ2 Velious Details

Nexus Guild Member, and all round mysterious silent chap, Milkyjoe, found a post (now removed) on EQ2 Flames, looks like patch notes of a sort, few big changes in there, check after the break for more details.

Firstly, I, nor my good mate Milkyjoe are in the Velious CBT, so we’re not breaking any NDA personally, this was posted on EQ2 Flames, on a thread which has since been deleted.

Apologies for the WALL OF GREEN TEXT below.

Greetings everyone,

I just wanted to take a moment to explain some of the changes that will be introduced with Velious.
Keep in mind that we need your feedback on all of these.
What: Proc/Item effects
· Procs have been limited to a few slots and specialty items.
· New procs have been turned into yellow/red adornments that can be placed in any items that have the properly
colored slot.
· All Sentinel’s Fate ward-type procs will not work in Velious zones.
· Seven class focus effects have been changed to passive effects on armor.
· Remaining class focus effects are on new adornments, along with a variety of stats to choose from.
After reviewing past itemization and looking at our current gameplay, we felt that the number of procs given out
made these special effects feel rather ordinary. We do not want players relying on these effects that are meant to be more
of a bonus than a requirement. In Velious, the increase to effectiveness from natural item growth should far outweigh the
loss of procs/effects.
Starting with the Velketor’s instances, you will see weapons, shields, and symbols with yellow adornment slots.
This is how you can customize the proc you want to have. Similar to past expansions, these adornments are available on
the Ry’Gorr faction merchants.
The requirement for procs was most prevalent with healers in the form of ward procs. After looking at these procs
and how frequently they were being used, we realized how much we’ve been balancing combat and encounters around the
power of wards. That meant if you did not have ward proc you were in dire straits. While we are introducing a new set of
healing-related procs with Velious, they will be toned down quite a bit and only available in one of the three slots
mentioned above.
Class focus effects have been changed a little. Seven of the ten class/archetype focuses that were on red
adornments in SF are now built into the armor as passive effects. This allows you more freedom in what you want to put in
your red adornment slots. The remaining three focuses have been retained on red adornments, but they offer varying
combinations with other stats like crit bonus, potency, or mitigation. Group players will now have access to armor pieces
with innate class focuses on them starting with Velketor’s shard armor. They will be able to get up to three slots with
class focus effects. The remaining effects will be on raid armor pieces.
What: Item Score
All items will now display their item score.
This only applies to Velious and future expansion itemization.
Item score represents the power of an item relative to other items. This value is meant as a quick way for
someone to gauge if an item is an upgrade and where it comes from. In general if an item has a higher item score than an
item it would replace, the overall stat bonus should be higher.
This item score is not intended as a tool to segregate players by the quality of their equipment. While it does provide a
quick summary of the overall quality of your equipment, it doesn’t give more information than a player already has by
inspecting you .
What: Threshold stats
Critical mitigation is now a required stat for all tiers of content starting with Velious.
Critical chance is now contested against a NPC’s crit avoidance.
Resistance bonuses have been limited to jewelry slots.
Previously critical mitigation was only used in raids; unfortunately Velious mobs did not get that memo and so
they all know how to critically hit. Because of this, critical mitigation is valuable everywhere and Velious itemization
reflects this. Each tier of the expansion expects you to have a certain value of critical mitigation give or take a few
percentage points. So if you find that you are being hit too hard you may want to go for some drops in other dungeons to
help make things easier.
Critical chance has been turned into the offensive version of critical mitigation. All NPCs have a stat called critical
avoidance. This stat is a direct reduction of your chance to critically hit them. This means if an NPC has 30% critical
avoidance you would need 130% critical chance to hit him all the time. The critical mitigation and critical avoidance values
are displayed as a buff on any NPC you encounter using this mechanic.
Resistances have been limited to ears, rings, cloak, and wrists slots. Velious focuses on a primary resist of
elemental, which should be naturally gained by acquiring various levels of jewelry in the expansion. While the other resists
are still useful, you will want to chase elemental primarily.
What: Health and Power mods merged into attributes
Stamina now gives a static amount of hit points per point.
Stamina no longer has a cap or a diminishing return curve.
Your primary attribute gives a static amount of Power per point.
Your primary attribute power benefits are not capped.
In a continued effort to reduce the unnecessary complexity of items, we have rolled hit point and power bonuses
into the attribute stats that are on every item. Before Velious, you would get a raw hit point bonus plus a calculated hit
point bonus from stamina. Now stamina will give you a flat amount of hit points per point, so calculating how much
health you will get from an item is simply: (Stamina*HP per stamina value).
This takes the guesswork out of how much you’re getting and reduces the amount of stats that your need to
consider on an item, making comparing items a little bit easier. Power has been converted in the same way making your
primary attribute even more valuable.
Currently the value per point for both is ten. Because of the way the curve worked previously, players at the lower
level will see little to no change. Any change you see should be positive; at least that is our goal. As we go through beta
we will be looking through feedback and adjusting g this value if needed.
Casters and priests will more than likely see the largest hit point bump. Scouts and fighters will more than likely
see the largest power bump. Tank gear in Velious will give bonus stamina and tanks inherent base hit point bonus has
been standardized across all tanks and is the largest of all the archetypes. This should result in more hit points for tanks
even though the benefits from stamina are the same for everyone.
Hit point and power items will still exist in the form of adornments and buffs.
What: Side Bonuses
Agility no longer gives an avoidance bonus or critical mitigation bonus.
Wisdom no longer gives a resistance bonus.
With the launch of Sentinel’s Fate, we introduced the initial stage of attribute refinement. By defining a primary
attribute we made it easier for the average player to understand what kind of items they should be chasing when they
equip their character. With Velious we are moving more towards this by folding power into your primary attribute, and also
by removing the small side benefits from these stats.
When defining primary attributes, the unintended side effect was that some classes got an extra benefit because they
naturally had a lot of a stat where other classes did not. A tank having high strength does not benefit from anything
outside of the power increase it gives, while a scout not only became more powerful but gained an avoidance and critical
mitigation advantage because they were easily capping that benefit. The same goes for wisdom – Priests gained added
resistances, but all items used the same resist values so there was no compensation for the fact that other classes could
not cap that benefit.
In the grand scheme of things, the total benefit, for those classes where that was not their primary stat, was small but it
gave players a reason to chase the primary attribute of other characters when they should not. Along with this change we
will be reviewing various buffs that give bonuses to these stats and changing them where they should be in order to
compensate for anything we feel is a significant loss.
What: Melee Range Increase, Multi Attack change
Melee range has been increased to match the max range of combat arts.
Items that increased melee range have had this removed from their spell effects.
Multi-attack will now grant an additional attack for every 100% over cap.
This is a relatively straight forward change – in the past, combat arts and melee auto-attacks had different
ranges. This didn’t make much sense, so we made auto- attack and combat arts have the same range.
The cap on multi-attack has been removed. Now if you have more than 100% multi-attack, you gain a chance to
make additional attacks. For instance, If you are at 150% multi-attack you have 100% chance to hit twice with every auto
attack, and a 50% chance to hit a third time
What: Ability Mod
Ability mod is no longer being itemized
After reviewing the usefulness of ability mod we determined that this is relatively useless when compared to
simply giving more critical bonus and potency. Ability mod has a cap, is not straight forward, and does not affect all
classes equally. Ability mod is not going away though; this stat will still be given as an option in AAs and potentially with a proc.
Overall our goal is to try to remove unnecessary complexity. We think of this as any extra complexity that doesn’t
improve gameplay or provide interesting choices and decisions. If a game system would be just as fun with fewer moving
parts, then we’d like to streamline it as much as possible without diminishing the value of that feature.
We want to make sure that players are getting enough of the right information so they can make intelligent
decisions when it comes to enhancing their characters through items. Since Velious is an expansion with no level increase
the largest percentage of power growth will be through itemization. When all is said and done everyone who enters Velious
should leave it much more powerful and with an easy understanding of what items are upgrades and what are not.
Many things play into this goal including simplifying presentation, making sure that the growth path is very
straight forward, and ensuring that a player feels and is more powerful in the end. Velious presents you with challenge at
all levels and it is our hope that these challenges are enjoyable and very rewarding.

I’m pretty much done with SOE, Gearscore and pointless nerfs, stonewill in particular, far outweigh the good points (increased melee range and possible improvements to the archetype main stat system).

SOE should focus on game content, and less on this meddling they insist on doing.  EQ1 Velious was amazing, could be wrong, but from these “patch notes” I’m not holding my breath on EQ2 Velious following the trend.


  • I have to agree with you. All of this stuff could've been
    used in updates throughout the year. I don't see the point in
    paying 40 dollars for an expansion pack that has changes in it that
    should've been implemented and covered by our monthly fee. Where's
    the content? Where's the lore? Where's the dungeons? All I see here
    is a bunch of itemization bull that, in reality, should've been
    addressed years ago!

  • 1st, if you think this is a complete list of all Velious
    has to offer, you're a total blithering idiot and I pray you
    actually DO leave…and stay gone. Morons. Also, the changes above
    are necessary to get crap back into line so itemization is
    manageable. As for nerfs…get over yourself! Nothing in beta is
    static, and nerf is only considered in context. CHANGE isn't
    necessarily nerf. You may have to learn to play with the changes,
    but it doesn't mean the toon is useless. Last, EQ1
    Velious…greatest, best, expac yadda yadda. I was there when it
    came out and sour lemons like the OP griped and whined a ton about
    it. It all looks like it was perfect from here, but it wasn't at
    the time. Also, rather than post this pointless crap, why don't you
    guys EVER say EXACTLY what features the new expac (part 1 Velious
    if you recall) needs to have to be on par with your fluffy memory
    of EQ Velious.

  • @Whinebaby

    No, i don't think this is a complete list of velious' features, they're patch notes. Most of the "fixes" are there because SOE meddled with things they should have just left alone.

    My gripe with the lack of Content in expansions is because the last expansion added 2 overland zones (a few days worth of solo content) 1 public dungeon, heroic 9 instances, and a few raid instances which were copies of the heroic ones. This is just plain lazy. They're made from prefabricated polygon meshes, so why so little content?

    "Learning to play with the changes" is becoming a thing you have to do with every live update, my paladin went from being able to solo heal some of the moderate difficulty zones whilst tanking to having his heals nerfed to pointlessness overnight. Tanking is becoming "dps more than the mob", SOE are making sweeping changes constantly, "balance" is out the window, there is no consistence in a classes role in a group other than "DPS". The game has become a GUI for ACT, and with gearscore coming in, you are now labeled with your average dps and your new fangled worth as a person based on your equipment.

    There's no overall vision for what the game should be other than to make more and more money. Yes, I know developers need to make cash, but it's now coming at the expense of the game itself. Being told they can't add new armour models as the engine can't handle it, only for new armour models appearing in the stationcash marketplace is a slap in the face in my opinion.

    On the subject of itemisation, needing a scroll bar to see the entire stats while running at 1650 x 1050 is the items getting out of hand, which they cannot fix, as that will mean sweeping nerfs of 90% of the current tiers items, something the playerbase will bitch and moan about. Much like they did when the proposed fighter changes got shelved.

    I thought SOE's subtitle was "You're in our world now", it's about time they took charge properly and make they game EQ2 should be, and stop trying to become the WoW backup they're moving towards now.

  • everybody posting in this thread is dumb.

    • I suppose you are the mature voice of reason? Thanks for your insightful comment.

  • I suppose you are the mature voice of reason? Thanks for your insightful comment.

  • oh, i like this game!

    I suppose you are the mature voice of reason? Thanks for your insightful comment.

  • "I’m pretty much done with SOE, Gearscore and pointless nerfs, stonewill in particular, far outweigh the good points (increased melee range and possible improvements to the archetype main stat system)."

    I don't like any sort of gearscore, but its hardly a feature that's going to effect my game in anyway beyond one line of jibber jabber on gear.

    And nerfs, you just jump to conclusions that every nerf is a bad thing. Its a given that if the devs feel the need to nerf something then it was either unbalanced OP to start with, or scaled to be OP (like the Paladin heals allowing tanks to solo end level dungeons). Nerfing it is exactly what SOE should be doing to ensure the most important part of the game works – the gameplay. If they didn't do this then it wouldn't matter how many dungeons, raids and zones were designed, they'd all be flawed by tepid gameplay.

    If things this slight are enough to cause you to be "done" with SOE then I guess you left any of their games a long time ago.

    Sorry, really just tired of all the whining about SOE, there are things they've done and are doing I really don't like. But this latching onto every gameplay change and colouring it bad is getting old and very boring.

  • [...] Itemization corrections – I saw a post that quoted the changes coming out of beta. It sounds like everyone is crying nerf but I honestly agreed with almost every change. SOE recognized some of the problems with healing I (and many others) have been harping on. This quote said it best: The requirement for procs was most prevalent with healers in the form of ward procs. After looking at these procs and how frequently they were being used, we realized how much we’ve been balancing combat and encounters around the power of wards. That meant if you did not have ward proc you were in dire straits. Spamming all of your heals as fast as possible so that your wards proc’d doesn’t equal skill. It cheapened our experience and made us easily replaceable. If healers have to start thinking again I’m all for it (Thank you to MMO Symposium for the quote). [...]

  • Some of the comments are valid, and others less so. My two pennies worth would be that EQ2 is and mmoRPG. So instead of just accessing higher level content/abilities/AA and increased "uberness" in equipment, each expansion should hold true to the ethos of the class.

    Simply put if you rolled a Fury at level 1 after reading the intro for the class, your class should have a play and feel that is akin to what you rolled the avatar for and other classes should not be able to copy or replace you in that roll. Your class should have an identity and a way you effect every one else in the raid instead of you providing a greter INT buff to your group mates etc… Such a distinction should not make Raids/Instances fail because the correct class was not there it should just make you play in a different way.

    Another humble example, I would like to see Guardians being able to stand head and shoulders above other Tanks when it comes to protecting the entire Raid (or maybe just the group if thats too much). Able to syphon say 5% of the Damage recieved by the entire raid and have the HP/CA to survive such.

    Your Inquisitor should judge people and that judgement should benifit the group in some way. When your Inquisitor group heals with a Warlock in group each heal spreads desease to enemies and the warlock looses health. The same inquisitor single target Retro heals with a Conj in group should multiply the Conj pets and the Conj looses power, with a necro as the target each attack from the group instills lifetap but the Inquis pays for this with a loss of power…

    I would like to see a difference in the DPS classes that effects how the group plays. At the moment a group with a Paladin, Fury, Wiz, Illy, Troub, Conj – runs through an instance in the exact same way as a – Zerk, Warlock, Inquisitor, Swashy, Dirge, Coercer. Mass pull everything and smash it all down. Might have a faster or slower run on different mobs thats about it.

    Each of the many classes is now defined by it's most base characteristic – Tank, melee/caster DPS, Heals, Buffs … It has sapped the identity out of the role played classes.

    Before the astute readers of this website pick faults in my examples for class defining roles please note I am not a game designer. I just posted a distinct way a class could play that may define it. So that when you enter a group/raid of varried classes you change the dynamic. Instead of another healer needed for "another Healer needed for Toxx HM pst" or yet another DPS needed for so and so….

    Each expansion should "add to the identity of your class as well as increased content" and NOT "RESET COMBAT / GEAR Mechanics and give you extra content".

  • Exactly, but SOE are on a mission to become WoW 2.0, so we're going to need to look elsewhere for what we're after. Personally, I am very hopeful for Rift to become the game I'm looking for, maybe Guild Wars 2 will be it, but I know it's currently not FF XIV, as that game was pants :D

  • Mechanics changes are nice, it gives the game a fresh feel every time they do it…..but honestly who cares about mechanics when SOE won't put out enough content to hold my attention for even 6 months (with the xpac being split in two and SOE's rep for that sort of thing) I stomped through SF group content in less than 2 months, and half the raid content in less than 4, the other half requiring me to be in one of the top 2 guilds on the server, fine, whatever, thats what raid guilds are supposed to be about, right?……my only concern is content, in july, will there be content I haven't seen, or will I be bored out of my mind again, as usual……Honestly this game has turned into a microtransaction game, and with that kind of BS, I may as well just play on facebook……yea, I quit playing eq2, 6 year vet and all that, I play wow (boo to you too) cause I can get on for 2 hours and feel like I accomplished something……the fact is, I won't come back till SOE puts out at least 3 more expansions, cause maybe then there will be enough content to hold my attention for a while …. I realy wanna play 1 toon, maybe 2, but I would enjoy making 1 toon to be the best of the best, alts were bad last xpac but this one, OMG, I've got 2 lvl 90s with 200 aa on my wifes account, both in starter gear, cause I was bored as hell, both toons made in less than a week, WTF sony they encourage this as well by putting out the bonus xp weekends, what a joke, I don't want 20 capped out toons that are all half assed with no achievement, I want 1 hard core toon with 20k achievement, its like soe is saying, "we know we didn't put out any content and your bored and ready to quit, so make alts for 6 months and then we will put out half of an expansion, which you will buy and hate, but hey, least you bought it"……the game is dying, has been for quite some time, and for anyone who thinks its not, 5 servers were merged in the last couple months, EQ2 now only has like 12 servers, (and yea my numbers are wrong cause I'm not gonna spend hours looking for them, but they arn't far off) so deny all you want and flame this post all you want, oh, enjoy your new expansion too, cause its gonna be just as worthless as SF, or DOF

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