Jan 15, 2011

EQ3 on PS3?

Eurogamer spoke to John Smedley, and he hinted that EQ3 or EverQuest Next as it is currently known, will be coming to the PlayStation 3.

When asked if it would be coming to consoles, he said “All I can say is we are a Sony company, and we are very, very proud of the work we’ve done on DC Universe Online, which is multi-platform; and we are very, very proud of the work we have done on The Agency, which is multi-platform”

Sounds like you’ll be able to play with a dualshock 3 to me.  SOE did try with EverQuest Online Adventures, and there was those EverQuest themed dungeon crawlers on the PS2 before now, but none on the scale of a ‘proper’ MMO, maybe the PS3 will be the next best place to play MMOs, FF XIV (which I hope will be half decent by march for the proposed PS3 release) DC Universe, The Agency all confirmed to be heading to the Sony console, and games like PlanetSide Next would be a perfect fit for a console environment.

Playing an MMO with a pad will be a bit odd, but it’s something I could get accustomed to.

Via Eurogamer


  • Anything that broadens the player base is a good thing as long as it's a mature and none moronic player base. :)

    I won't ever play mmos on a console. I have a PC and am not going to buy another platform. If the game gets an updated graphic engine you can upgrade your PC. Can you do that with a ps3? Nope.

    I hope if they do it they require a keyboard attached. I don't want a game where the controls are simplified for a game pad.

  • I currently use an Xbox 360 controller with ALL MMO's I play. Recently, WAR, AoC and Rift all have worked quite well using the controller and Xpadder software. Rift actually has some built in features which allowed me to eliminate tab targeting which opened more controls for me.

    There are tricks to using multiple toolbars and what not. I only have to pick up the keyboard to chat…but, hey Vent removes that need as well.

    I smell a future of console MMO's coming our way since all console manufacturers wanna kill the PC for gaming.

  • For the brief times when I managed to get a working proxy, I played Vindictus with a pad, was bloody awesome fun, and I personally think it made the game much more playable, FFXIV on the other hand was a major chore, but I guess that was because there were far too many menus (each with a delay) to get basic tasks done.

    I've seen footage of TERA being played with a pad, looks really good fun too.

    I'm hoping the day when you can play an MMO from the couch is upon us! (as my chair is getting a bit battered and I have a really comfy couch)

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