Jan 28, 2011

EQ2 Mobile – Iphone/Android App

EQ2 mobileIt seems EQ2 now has it’s own mobile App, which as far as I know is available on the iPhone and Android devices.

I haven’t played with it too much yet but it seems you can chat in game and with your guild, I’ve also heard you can send tells though I haven’t worked out how yet.

EQ2 Mobile home screenI have tried the guild chat and it worked well although a bit laggy though I was on an Edge connection at the time. I also have a fair few connection problems at first which our very own Wodge suggested could be related to the current EQ2 server merges, though it’s working fine now.

Character details, in game mail and maps are other features of the App. As I said I haven’t had that much chance to test it yet, so go grab it and have a play if your an Everquest 2 player.

The only thing I’m suprised about is as it’s SOE, I would have expected in app purchases on the iPhone. ;)


  • Still very patchy for me on my Android Handset, managed to log in last night, can look at gear etc. I knew the mail and certain modes of chat were down due to server merges elsewhere, so they didn't work. Today it won't even log in, and curiously, it's not developed by SOE, its some AFK company, which probably explains why it doesn't work…

  • EQ2 crafting is PERFECT to do as an external app. If they can have it check your inventory or maybe require a personal depot for resources and tied to a sales crate for output it would be fabulous!!

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