Jan 31, 2011

The Lull

I’m currently subscribed to EQ2, but when that sub is up, SOE are getting no money from me for a good while!  So I guess I’m “winding down” my EQ2 activities in preparation for Rift.  This means I am currently in what I like to call “The Lull.”

A similar event happens about 3/4 through your chosen MMOs current expansion lifetime, things start to get repetitive, you find yourself logging in not for the loot and the exp, but to see your guildmates and those people you have on your friendlist for no apparent reason other than to shout “G I R L P A N T I E S ! ! !” at (thanks Garl of Splitpaw, never ceases to amuse me!).

Between guild type stuff and scheduled raids (yes, I’m still raiding, no idea why…) I use this time to catch up on other games.  So far:

I’ve almost finished Divinity II: The Dragon Knight Saga and Arcania: Gothic 4, which is crazy, having 2 large open world RPGs on the go at the same time;

Prestiged twice more on Call of Duty: Black Ops, using the same AK74s every damn time;

Completed Zenonia on my android phone;

Blasted through Dante’s Inferno on the xbox;

Saved the Galaxy (presumably!) from the Reapers 4 times in the amazing Mass Effect 2;

Finished Alan Wake and the 2 DLCs (very recommended);

Struggled through 16 hours of Final Fantasy XIII, those people on the internet, you’d best be right about it getting good after 20 hours, I have your (email) address!

Minecraft, erry day, diggin’ new shafts to try and find the elusive diamonds, whilst hiding from Creepers,

Started The Witcher again… (thanks to MMOGC for the inspiration via Raptr)

Also played a massive amount of bizarre indie games on XBox and PC and probably a lot more besides…

“What has this got to do with MMOs?” you’re wondering…  Well, I consider that a fairly large chunk of gaming, now while we moan and bitch about our current MMO, when we’re still 100% focused on it, it keeps us totally occupied as we try and get through the content set out before us.

This “Lull” always seems to happen, and then our eyes do wander to other pursuits, you can tell it’s approaching on my EQ2 server, when the HC guilds start selling higher end raid loot in our very own “NorrathTrade” channel.  I think developers should actively try and combat this, but not with a shorter expansion cycle, or holding back content to add it at a later stage, but by adding more things to do other than grind to the top.

Give me a Grand Theft Auto style theme park dammit, you’ve created a world, and all we can do is Fight, or make things to fight better with, where is my snail racing, where is chicken kicking, where is the mini golf?!


  • "but by adding more things to do other than grind to the top."

    How about crafting systems that have some depth and are a challenge? huh huh? ;-)

  • Haven't seen you online crafting in about 3 weeks… :p

  • Van has a point, Rift and EQ2 crafting are not really a challenge.

    Rift = Hit a button

    EQ2 = Hit a button and hit the same 3 buttons during crafting for the first few levels. After the first few use your craft bonus items and worry a bit less.

    Vanguard was a challenging crafting system.

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