Mar 1, 2011

Been Hacked… (UPDATE)

Got some tweets off my good mate Jonny when I was in work, apparently I was logged in to Rift between 8:58 – 9:06am, when I was in work.  Logged in after work, and yessir, I have been hacked.

On a happier note, the new Steam Cloud screenshot thing is awesome!

I managed to get an email off a GM asking if I wanted my character rolled back to just before the incident, told them yes, and 5 minutes later another email saying Wodge had been restored :D


  • I have totally fixed that issue..

    Unique passwords for various accounts, new email…etc.

    Wasn't going to get screwed again after my GW debacle.

  • Well I've petitioned, got accurate times when it happened from guild members and changed my P/W. It still sucks bottom :(

  • Ouch. :(

    I use a different password for all gaming account now after the previous EQ2 hacking problem. Might change my rift account too tonight.

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