Mar 13, 2011

Gloamwood and instances

Another Rift post, this time more of a what has Yetian been up to post.

Yetian is now level 25 has a new outfit, new weapon and a new mount to replace the annoying 2 headed turtle which everyone and their dog has… yes I have seen a pet Coyote riding one around Gloamwood, honest.

Anyway, 20 – 25 has taken me through some of Gloamwood, the dungeon of Darkening Deeps and a run through Realm of the Fae another dungeon.

I’ve hardly had time to stop and think so here’s a few pics of Realm of the Fae which we completed as a group of 4 to further our guild quest. We completed the instance with an odd mix of 2 warriors in their 20′s, me a healer (22 at the time) and a Rogue at level 14 on entry.

The last pic is not the easiest to fight in as I could barely see the end of my nose, luckily the snow subsides shortly afterwards at least until the final mob where it starts up again.

The next set of pics is a few I grabbed while running around Gloamwood, for those of you who played Everquest think of Nek forest with better graphics and a lot more moody.

Strange looking stones in GloamwoodCrossroads complete with a signpost in GloamwoodA fine view over GloamwoodThe corpse of a giant fish in GloamwoodYetian astride his new mount in Rift

Gloamwood is great looking zone and as with Silverwood, is quite large in size with loads of quests and mob variation. The dungeon in Gloamwood is Darkening Deeps another instance I experienced with my guild neXus. I was a bit nervous about this run as it was actually the first instance I experienced with Yetian and the first chance to use my group healing spec in something other than Warfronts. I was only level 21 and the rest of the group were mid 20′s I think at the time.

It actually went quite well though considering my rookie rift healing efforts, with only 1 or 2 wipes that I can remember. The named we had the most trouble with was Michael Bringhurst a prisoner in a cage with a scripted interaction where he pleads to let him out. Despite the protestations of the other caged prisoners we of course opened his cage to find him turning into a Werewolf upon entering a shaft of light in the centre of the room. He has a nasty AOE if someone isn’t in melee range and some sort of fear which made me run around like a madman unable to heal.

We managed the entire instance in the end and I even came out with a nice new 1h hammer to use when in group spec.

neXus kill a giant spider in Darkening DeepsneXus down a Werewolf in Darkening DeepsneXus finish Darkening DeepsApologies for the lack of detail for these pics, I get caught up in the action and as a healer it’s hard to pause and take screenshots, plus the accompanying notes. I will try to be a bit more verbose in future.


  • who you calling rogue? :P

    • Lol a now slightly higher level scout type? ;)

  • pfft, roll a rogue, and I'll show you what we WARRIORS think of scouts ;)

    Zell, the redheaded Champion!

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