Mar 29, 2011

Rift: Yetian at 30

Yetian in Scarlet GorgeThat’s right I’ve hit another milestone in Telara, the heady heights of level 30!

As you can see I’m going for the slightly barbaric look (as mentioned by my able deputy Bealdwine), which I think fit’s with my heal and hit things outlook in Rift. I mean come on, that mace is hardly a cuddly toy now is it?

Yetian now has 3 roles, the 3rd one is bloody expensive by the way. I may at some point post pics of my actual builds, but I’m not really that interested in getting tons of “my build is better than your build” comments yet.

Role 1 is as before Shaman/Justicar/Warden with 30 points in Shaman at the moment. Role 2 my group role is setup as Sentinel/Warden/Purifier with 30 points in Sentinel. My 3rd role is Templar/Justicar/Purifier with 5 points in Templar and the rest in Justicar, this is my PvP role for Warfronts or when I need to take a beating for the team.

Since my last post I have spent my time between 25 and 30 mostly in Gloamwood completing quests and achievements. I seem to have caught a nasty disease named achievementitis. With the exception of the collection achievements and the rare creatures ones, I make it my aim to complete all the others that I can within a zone before I leave. I have to admit I haven’t completed the kill Goblin one in Gloamwood yet though I did complete the zone puzzle before I left. This isn’t a spoiler blog so I won’t post how I completed the puzzle, it’s enough to say you have to move shields around on a wall to match a pattern on the floor above. It did take my some time but I managed it in the end.

I also returned to Silverwood for a time to complete some achievements there and will be including some pics at the end of this post (if anyone reads that far) to show my travels. One tip I will give those of you who are addicted to shiny collectibles is check on the hills around the edges of the zone your in, it’s amazing how many you find up there.

I did also find some strange shady types wandering the hills as I am on a RP server. The first 2 I found were 2 random women sat on the hill overlooking Sanctum chatting away to each other. Fine I thought I’ll leave them be and waved before riding past them, only to see some shrugging emote in my chat bar. I also came across a group of secret cultists chatting away on a hillside, who on my arrival promptly said their goodbyes to each other and ported away. If your reading this then sorry for interrupting you all but those hillsides are not as secret as you think and I enjoy a ride out in the far reaches of Silverwood as much as any other Grey haired Mathosian Cleric on a Yarnosaur.

The last couple of levels have been gained in Scarlet Gorge which as with the other zones I’ve traveled through in Rift is a great looking zone and is different again to the first 2. I’m already having quests show as green in the gorge so not sure how much longer I’ll spend there. One thing is for sure, I’ll be taking some more pics and completing more achievements before I leave.

Anyway if anyone is still here, feast your eyes on these shiny pics.

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  • I'll be interested to see what your take is on world PvP once you hit max level. I wasn't sold enough on the game after playing beta. If they continue doing a good job of listening to players like in beta though then there still may be hope. Fighting over Wardstones for what seemed like minimal rewards just didn't do it for me.

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