May 1, 2011

MMO or Baby? A real life study for Gordon

This post is a real life study into MMO or Baby for Gordon of We Fly Spitfires fame after his post a while back “MMO or Baby?“. The post made me laugh a lot at the time and also was relevant to me as I was not that far away from becoming a Dad myself.

So this post is a 0-7 month report on how having a small version of myself has affected my MMO life, tongue in cheek obviously.

As my guild neXus can testify my MMO game time took a severe nose dive just before the birth of mini me and for the first couple of months afterwards. “How did you cope?” I hear you all saying (well the none parents amongst you), well it was a bit of a surprise to be honest. After this first few weeks I didn’t really notice it too much, it’s amazing how looking after a mini version of yourself who literally can’t do anything apart from sleep and shit without your help, takes your mind off MMO’s. Sure I checked and posted on the neXus site from work after my rather pathetic 2 weeks paternity leave ended, thanks UK government! I didn’t manage to get on my home PC for what seems thinking about it now, like an age.

I’m sure my guild didn’t really miss me as no doubt the tree’s still fell and the rat’s still died in neXus MMO land. I did miss my guild mates more than the MMO’s to be honest, apart from the odd times when I read an MMO blog article and cried into my generic smart-phone.

Things changed once he moved out of our room and into his own (my old PC room at that), for one my PC was and is now squished into a corner (or wall) of our bedroom. Myself and the other half have many bruises to show from squeezing past the PC chair to the bed and I had to get a new smaller/crappy desk to fit into the room, plus a couple of books to get the monitor to the right height.

Gordon is probably at this moment (if he’s reading this), booking an appointment for the snip. By the way Gordon I’ve heard that in these times of financial hardship two bricks work just as well…. hehe joking read on you famous MMO blogger you.

Things improve MMO wise as I said, once in his own room and his bedtime becoming a regular(ish) slot I managed to almost resume normal MMO time slots in an evening once he’s gone off to bed. Granted recently I’ve had to reduce it a bit after the Rift rush period as with him more active in the day there are more things in the house that need to get done at night. My state of tiredness hasn’t improved as he’s still not sleeping through and so I do the weekend night feeds, with his mother the ones in the week. This will change when we are both back at work and start alternating, I’ll be even more knackered.

While my MMO time is currently and likely for a good while to come not likely to be what it was, I wouldn’t change the fact I have a mini me around. You find yourself not worrying too much about not having your MMO time been what it once was, shocking I know. Another advantage I’ve found is I appreciate my MMO time much more, even if I can only make the weekly group nights (two in the case of neXus) it means my time in my MMO’s is more valued and more productive. I have actually take an even more go slow stance than previously with my main in Rift, working achievements and completing zones. I also find myself investing more into my main than alts as I know I won’t get half a dozen characters to the top level anytime soon and so more care and effort goes into Yetian the multi role cleric.

All in all Gordon I would say you won’t regret it, sure you’ll be skint, tired, confused and a bit less MMO’d up but it will be worth it in the long run. Also don’t forget a mini you means another MMO’er in time and surely this is why farming/harvesting was invented. ;) Granted as my little one is now 7 months old he’s probably already outgrowing WoW so I’ll have to get that other PC sorted. This brings me onto another advantage, when he’s old enough to want a PC he gets mine and I get a new one… worth it for that alone.

I may turn this post into a series, or may not. One thing I’ve found hard to get time for is writing blog posts and if anyone still reads this blog I apologise for that, but we have writing slots open. In all seriousness the lack of posts I’ve managed recently, has made me think about whether I bring any value to the MMO community via this blog and whether I should continue, maybe comments can help me work that one out. Maybe I should just start the character journal posts or the MMO photo blog I keep badgering Gordon about?




  • I always love reading your blog posts, mate ;) And how did you know about the brick trick?! I was already reaching for the masonry :D

  • Great article, Yetian! I'd be very interested in reading other posts about your baby/mmo-experiences, and I'll do my best (which is quite feeble, I know) to comment/post with my own experiences.

    I see this topic as more and more interesting as the amount of MMO-players steadily grows. I remember back in the day I stumbled upon the site MMO-DADS, which contained a forum where people discussed playing MMOs and having kids. The site is gone now, but that was back in the day before WoW, so I guess it must be time to pick up the discussion where MMO-DADS left it :)

    Oh and btw, my offspring is now a year and a half, and boy do you have something to look forward to. The funfactor is skyhigh atm, as he tumbles all over the place, climbs every single elevated area, participates in discussions in a very foreign "tongue" and constantly wants to play hide n seek while screaming outbursts of joy ;)

  • But just wait until they're 6 years+!

    My daughter really enjoys playing WoW (and now Rift) with me. Always wanting to push the numbers for attacks and spells or want to take control and have a run/canter/fly around the world!

    She also kept asking me if I had got a mount yet. "tsk… still haven't got one of those horses!?", she would say. To which I would reply – "Even Uncle Gord doesn't have a mount yet!".

    She spurred me on to play more and longer hours, so that I could finally show off a nice brown horse.

    As Gord once said, start them off young and they'll be mining gold for you before you know it :)

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