May 16, 2011


Ok, firstly, I’d like to apologise to all our loyal fans (I presume there are some) over the lack of any activity lately, it’s not on, and I’ll try and fix that.

Secondly, this post is probably going to be a rambling rant, which is contained after the break.

Rift; Argent EU PvE RP server; <Paradox> Guild.

Was a lovely place, friendly, progressing at our own pace, no one pushing you to level as quickly as possible.  My kinda guild, considering it was my guild, it’s how I wanted it, and I thought it was how others did too.

There was some drama (and there always is) over one of the members, a Co-Leader, and how she was botting.  This is unproven, and I didn’t see it going on, so can’t say either way, but I am not justifying it, it is wrong, but the officer who noticed it, watched for over 30 minutes.  Creepy.

This caused some friction.  An officer who pointed this out to me, insisted she get demoted or he would leave, knowing he’d take half the guild with him.  I had to bow to his demands, or the guild would be finished.  More friction.

Next, I demoted said person, and she left.  I did not want this, she’s a good friend, and I don’t want a game ruining that.  I insisted she came back, at her old rank.  Officer, mentioned previously, now Co-Leader (big mistake!) told me he’d leave if she came back.  Yep, thats me by the unmentionables.

I logged in today, and saw nothing was happening, so I logged out, played some Two Worlds 2 (great game by the way!), then got told “the guild has voted, you’re not good enough for leader, so I have demoted you to member.” (or somesuch)


Now, I don’t like naming names, but Jono is a domineering control freak.  Seriously, throwing your toys out of the pram because I’m not running my guild how you want?  Get the hell out!  This is no less than a coup, I have a job, I also enjoy other games, and I also didn’t want to just play Rift, as I would burn out and get bored of the game, which is what happened with EverQuest 2.  I cannot, and will not devote every spare moment to the game.  Also, I noticed he seemed to like leaving me out of the guild activities, since the influx of new members from another guild, who I really did not know well at all, the guild has been feeling quite clique-y (is that a word?).  Something I really don’t like, leads to division, or in this case, outright mutiny.

And breathe!

Feel kinda better now.

Usual service will be resumed shortly.


  • So, yeah, jono got a good friend of mine who I started a guild with to turn on me due to untrue allegations. I was out in shimmersand, doing faction writs in a dedicated way, cause i wanted some upgrades from faction. the creep stood there, just watching me, through a bout of insomnia driven I JUST WANT TO KILL STUFF UNTIL MY MIND WILL SLOW DOWN ENOUGH to sleep. he stood there, following me around, watching my every move like a stalker. I was bleary eyed, sleep deprived, and stressed out from work. But this is why I play video games, life is frustrating, people are annoying, sometimes it is just fun to mindlessly kill innocent monsters in a video games because doing this in your workplace to the people you are actually angry at is frowned upon by society.

    Then the big speech comes.

    I know you are botting because you always cast your spells in the same order, and you pull mobs the same way, and i know you are botting. admit it.

    i respond that it is really creepy that you just stood there, staring at me while i played… and i did not want to talk to you because it was so creepy….. what is with you?

    I know you were botting, and i can not have my reputation besmirched by such behavior. officers should not behave like that. you need to leave the guild, or I will leave the guild… says jono

    dude, i admit nothing, and you are just wierd, now you have moved on from stalking me to blackmailing me because my friend Wodge would be hurt either way. i don't need to respond to your psycho craziness….I admit nothing. leave me alone, you are creeping me out…..

    so then, a few weeks later after a not so good expert run, and a few too many glasses of wine, i whine about how stupid hard the spider at the end of a zone was to kill, and how frustrating the game can be in guild chat.

    The next morning i log in and i am demoted from leader to recruit. then i found out jono had convinced wodge to make him a leader with the two of us….

    not a good move.


    then, after making me mad at my good friend, he demotes my good friend wodge to member.

    This is a coup by an obsesive compulsive pschopath. We built a nice guild, with a nice website and nice people.

    and then something went terribly wrong

    and it is not ours anymore, and we almost stopped being friends over it.

    If you ever venture on Argent server, avoid Jono. Avoid Paradox. It is a thing that was once nice that has been perverted into a madman's paradise, filled with minions of madness who will mob any rational person.

    Jono is a


    obsessive compulsive person who plays 14 hours a day

    friendship wrecker



    psycho tyrant

    guild stealer

    beware. stay far away.

  • Best thing about MMOs is that you get to play with other people.

    Worst thing about MMOs is that you have to play with other people.


  • Holy crap, what an asshole.

    Hindsight being what it is, get Livestream and broadcast yourself playing, and tell him to tune in. Answer questions in real time.

    Even if it doesn't convince d-bags like this one, you'll have live proof to pass around to everyone ELSE that he's a psychopathic sissy.

  • I left the guild as well, I received a rather abrupt PM on the forums telling me (not asking) to give him full access to the website.

    I didn't reply and Wodge deleted his account and as such the email.

    Anyway, I've taken down their site and redirected the site. Hope they like it.

  • Shit that is very bad news. I was thinking of asking your guys if Nexians can do Raid rifts etc with Paradox, but good thing I didn't eh? Wouldn't want to chance meeting that asshole Jono.

    So are you guys going to come back into the fold and join Nexus? :)

  • Hoho! Legend :D

  • Logged on this morning for my usual pre-work sesh and thinking to myself "I better watch out for this asswipe Jono…". Ported to Sanctum and as soon as I stepped out of the main hall, lo and behold there was Jono standing by the doorway like a sentry. Stood there in the same spot for the entire 40min or so I played.

    Was he there waiting to pounce on someone? Who knows…

  • I do not quite understand this need to "babysit" your players.

    Well, looking for a LAID back place to hang, you can always join Simple Complexities on the Estrael server (PvE-RP).

    Don't let guild drama rule your games!!

  • This is o too funny!! There are always 2 sides to story. Anyways by the by if you had an accusation of a co-leader botting surely the first thing you should have done is to check this out yourself? After all we know how annoying it gets when a game is ruined by multiple people botting and it does break Eula. Surely if you were a little unsure and they were a friend wouldn’t you have stuck up for a good friend over a game? Seems like to me you might have actually been questioning this yourself?
    As guild leader you must have then promoted Jono to leader ….or am I getting this wrong? Seems a bit weird also that you were so convinced that most of the guild would leave with him, this seems to me that actually as a leader you didn’t seem to make many friends in your own guild and obviously he had the majority of the guild on his side? Odd! (Unless they were all real life friends of his which I doubt). Are you seriously saying that out of everyone in the guild you were right and everyone else was wrong? Think there is more to this story than you’re letting on!

    • Jono is a control freak, he was "insisting" on people running certain specs, kept going on and on and on about it too. Also complained about peoples playstyles, as we were not a hardcore raid guild, this isn't what I was going for, and I thought imposing on people who's aim is to have fun is a bit rude, my long term goal was 10 player raids rifts, he obviously wants to be more hardcore.

      I thought people would leave as he brokered a merge with another guild, and he made himself their point of contract within the guild. He was promoted, by myself, because he managed to double our ranks with some pretty good people.

      On the matter of the botting thing, there it's a thing called "trust." It's why she was co-leader. I was never going to be online as much as he was, I have a job, he's a student. I guess he thought he felt like he was left keeping the guild together, which is complete nonsense, as mentioned by one if the other posters, you don't need to "babysit" the guild, and if some if the members thought we weren't doing enough, then I guess Paradox wasn't the guild for them.

  • ouchy drama llamas strike! Jono seems relaxed and laid back to me .

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