Feb 7, 2009

Yetian’s New Outfit

Yetian's current outfit, quested in Kylong Plains

Just a short post today, another Yetian and MMO fashion post. On our blog here we often post about upcoming MMO titles, our thoughts on MMO’s in general as well as our in game experiences. Personally a lot of my MMO related thoughts are brought about by my in game experiences which is where the previous post on  Yetian and Everquest 2 Tailoring came from.

Here is the current outfit I’ve managed to find for Yetian. The boots and arms are actually Tier 1 rare tailoring bits, soon to be replaced when I find new items. The chest and leg pieces are quested armour from the Kylong Plains quest series, a Tier 8 (around level 70) zone. So as things go Yetian a master tailor has had to quest for a new appearance set, typical SOE.

As I’ve said before we all like our characters to look good so no doubt you will be hearing more from me on my MMO character’s outfits in the months to come.

If anyone wants to sent in their best character outfits drop a mail to us via the contact form with links to your pics on the web. If you don’t have any web links, just say so and we’ll mail you back with our email address where you can send the pics. I’m always interested to see what the rest of you have managed to come up with, regardless of which game it is in.

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  • At least you're a druid, their class hats (well, it's not a hat, it's some leaves or something, flowers probably… bloody hippies…) goes with pretty much everything, the 2 class helms Wodge has (a sexy paladin bucket with wings on) go with absolutely nothing, hoping to grab a fabled faydwer one on a MMIS raid at some point, at least pure white goes with my shiny stuff…

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