Aug 17, 2011

PvP in PvE MMO’s

Those who know me will know I’m not a massive PvP’er, or should I say I’m not a massive PvP’er in PvE MMO games.

PvE MMO’s by their very nature are not geared up for player vs player fighting. They have classes/roles for your characters that are clearly defined and each group or collection of players requires at least one healer. Unless you go in with an organised group the healer is target number 1 and will die first if the opposition have any clue what they are doing.

An example is Rift a game which although you can create soul builds still results in your build having a defined role. As a healer first and foremost in MMO’s I have plenty of experience with PvP as although it’s not my main focus I do it now and again for something different.

I was in an instance the other day and after a battering in the previous few as a healer I decided “sod it” and went DPS instead. I then received a barrage of abuse from the usual PvP children saying healers should heal. Fine I thought but what about warriors not tanking?

In PvE MMO’s the only role you have that works is DPS, rogues, tanks mages can all do this better than healers and if the healers want to try they get abuse resulting in less healers in PvP. If you do decide to go in heal spec (which 90% of the time I do), you are the focus of all enemy attention.

There are ways to be clever and pray on the stupidity of some players however. The codex in rift at the actual codex itself has an area of overhanging rocks where I have found if I stand most enemy players miss me completely or if they get close I can move in the right way and bat them off the cliff. These areas are few and far between however and the PvP class of choice the Rogue, is always looking for a healer to take out.

Granted I’m getting better slowly and in the case of Rift my Warden heal over time spec keeps me alive longer than usual. I’m even thinking of trying a Warden/Justicar as well as my Warden/Sentinel (3rd soul is Templar) to see how the extra protection works out.

PvP in MMO’s only works in my opinion if the game is pure PvP from the start and usually in a none RPG/High Fantasy setting.

I will be trying out Planetside 2 on release as I enjoyed the first incarnation, I enjoy having a PvP MMO as an alternate to my main PvE MMO games. I’ve also as some of you may know played Battleground Europe (WW2 online) in the past which is pure PvP and enjoyed that too. All of those games don’t really have a healer class so nobody is the focus of enemy attacks 100% of the time. PvP MMO’s are about killing and killing means damage, sure there are plenty of different roles and ways of doing it but at the end of the day you meet your objectives and kill those who confront you. There is no “kill them to win” class.

This post was going to be a “most pvp’ers are a bunch of (insert random profanity here)” post, which I still believe is true but doesn’t justify a whole post. I have met some really good intelligent pvp’ers who are decent people, many however are just a bunch of children (mentally or physically) who use PvP to obtain power over others which they could not hope to ever have in their real lives. PvP in PvE MMO’s attracts a hell of a lot more of them as they know it’s easier than pure PvP MMO’s.

In PvE based games the PvP is just do the most damage and kill the healer, no matter how much you try and dress it up that’s all there is to it. Sure it’s still fun but in a much more base form when you have the clear class definitions that blur into DPS vs Heal.

Rant over but hopefully point made, cue the moronic (I’m not a child you f*****) comments with hopefully a few sensible ones thrown in.

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  • The only PvP I've ever really enjoyed since UO was the RvR in pre-ToA Dark Age of Camelot…and until they nerfed rangers into uselessness. (It's been a few years since I've played, so things may have improved since then.) Granted, I haven't tried every MMO since then, but I'm not really a big PvPer to begin with and usually pay as less attention to it as I can.

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