Aug 18, 2011

To Pay, or not to Pay…

As a Nerd, it is my solemn duty to keep abreast of the goings on in the world of video games, and as such, I actively follow the development of MMOs that catch my eye with a hope that this may be the next great MMO that I get to play.

I’ve noticed in the last year or so, that Free to Play games are becoming more and more attractive than their Pay to Play counterparts.  12 months ago, I wouldn’t even have considered playing a F2P game for any length of time other than a quick go to “see how bad it was” whereas now, they feature quite prominently in my “MMO Watch List” which is after the break.

First up is the super fresh from GamesCom its Wildstar from NCSoft.  It really looks fun, and has the same vibe as Firefly, so one to watch.  Payment model is not yet decided, but it’s NCSoft, so probably F2P.

Next it’s PlanetSide 2.  This will be a subscription based game, but more than likely worth the fee.  Hoping it goes back to PlanetSide 1′s early massive open warfare rather than the smaller skirmishes it currently has, the leveling over time system it employs is also very nifty (and robbed from EvE!)

Directly competing with PlanetSide 2 would be FireFall and Tribes: Universe.  Both quite different with Tribe’s being more arena based (very, very, very large arenas mind you) and FireFall being more openworld, both are Free to Play and will be distracting me from PlanetSide quite a bit…

RaiderZ, aside from having a pretty awful name, is looking to be a really fun “Monster Hunter-esque” action MMO free of targetting and watching ability cooldown timers.  Free to Play and full of people with oversized weaponary.

Dragon Nest; what looks to be a cute version of Vindictus, actually is just as brutal and full of action, the archer looks incredibly good fun to play as well, being more like a third person shooter than your standard MMO. Currently in beta testing in the Far East, I really can’t wait for this, even moreso knowing I don’t need to spend a penny to play it!

The sequel to Guild Wars is riding pretty high on my list of games I want right now, looking like seriously good fun, and attempting to ditch mana bars and the Healer; Tank; DPS triad of most MMOs, it will follow the first game in having no subscription fee and only charging for the discs.  Graphically awesome and seems to be full of interesting ideas, Guild Wars 2 should be on everyones watch list.

Finally, my next MMO is going to be Star Wars: The Old Republic, it is going to be huge, and I’m really liking what they’re doing with making it more story focused, just wished it was less about being the Hero and more about just being in that Galaxy that is far, far away.


I've watched too many videos of TOR lately, so here's Darth Carrot instead.


Using maths, that’s 5 F2p, 2 P2P and one that’s a bit of both, it does seem to be shifting towards not paying, which bizarrely makes the developers more money.

I don’t get it myself…


  • Tribes looks excellent, I loved that game way back when Barrysworld was the place to play online games.

    Can't wait for that one to come out, I'm more excited about that than Planetside 2

  • I believe Tobold mentioned this recently: F2P really forces the developers to make a good game. F2P just gets them in the door, and if they can't keep them they are SoL. Subscription based games don't tend to have that problem, and I'm quite happy at the effect it has.

    Given the saturation of F2P games, it should also encourage variety. Glad to see shooter games joining the list as well, especially after TF2's addition to the roster.

  • @Straw Fellow

    That's a really interesting comment on F2P developers being forced to improve constantly, it makes sense too, just look at Vanguard: Saga of Heroes, they have your subscription, and they know that there simply isn't any competition to that game, so they haven't patched it properly in months.

    I was seriously impressed by the quality of Forsaken World when I first launched it, the only weak point I see in most F2P games I've played is the quite poor character creation, usually limited to hairstyles and a pre-set face which looks like a jpg.

    I really hope this push towards a F2P model makes developers of subscription based games to really work at making their games worthy of the "premium" price their subscribers must pay.

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