Aug 31, 2011

Dragon Nest Adventures

I tend to stick to the same MMO for a while, I like the idea of building up a persona and then levelling up, it’s a part of games that developers seem to shy away from these days and concentrate more and more on the end game, they’ve swapped grind for repetitive end game content (See rift world events)

So with my new found flitting skill, I started looking around for some new MMOs to tinker with.  The first proper MMO that I found that caught my interest was Dragon Nest.  Eyedentity Games are the developer who I hadn’t heard of mainly because they’re a South Korean development team who started back in 2007, Dragon Nest is their first commercial game and is quite the success in Asia.

There are a number of publishers out there and at first I tried to get in on the open beta by Nexon North America, what a mistake that turned out to be, having taken 5 hours to download 2gb of game, I set about installing and trying to get into the game.  No avail, error after error this prior to the login screen.

After a bit more digging and another 2gb I found Shanda SEA (Chinese company with Euroean rights to the game), the download was 30mins and I was in the game and playing within 10mins of install.  A completely different experience compared to Nexon, it doesn’t bode well for the North American release.

So to the game…

If you’ve ever watched any Asian cartoons like Dragonball or Pokemon you’ll be familiar with the wide eyed characters, manly men and girly girls.  The graphics are quite stunning, the game world is vibrant and colourful, the characters are well animated and you get drawn into your character really easily.

Questing is quite linear at the moment, I’m only 6 levels in, but it’s your typical quest hub, get 2 or 3 quests, go into a dungeon and do the quests, as this is a conversion from Korea you can imagine the words on the quest can be quite quirky, but you can muddle through and understand what they want you to do.  Once a quest is accepted it gets added to your Quest Helper, which has arrows that rotate to help you figure out your route.

Each dungeon can  be toggled for varying skill from easy (do it in your sleep), normal (a little bit of a challenge solo), hard (for two players), Master and Abyss (although I’ve not managed to find out how many those are for yet).  Each dungeon so far has 4 choices of area, as you level up you gain access to extra areas, where more quests appear.  There are also a number of achievements to be done as you adventure, from finishing dungeons in quick time to gaining combo points in one visit.

Every time you enter a dungeon it costs you Blessing Points, these are finite and once they have run out you don’t gain Bonus EXP (What happens when you run out of BP’s I’ve no idea as yet…)

This leads me nicely into the Cash Shop, as you can guess with Dragon Nest being an F2P, there’s a place for you to splash the real world cash and purchase Cherry Credits (CC’s).  You can then spend these in game, 1000 CC is the equivalent of 1 Singapore Dollar  (that’s 51 UK pence, 83 US Cents or 57 Euro Cents), you have to purchase them in 10,000 CC blocks, so that would be around SG$10, or £5.10, $8.33 & €5.70 (+ any taxes).

So what kind of crap can you buy?  Costume, storage, potions and quite a lot more 1600 CC will get you a nice feather hat.

So back to the game…

There’s a lot of zone loading, each area is instanced apart from the town hub but grouping is easily done through the grouping tool prior to leaving a town hub, in a dungeon you move from one group of mobs to the next killing them until you get to the end mob who is generally tougher, but doesn’t really hinder, they have a special attack that you’ll be told how to avoid in the early stages, some areas have switches that toggle doors as well as barrels that drop goodies and quest items.

At the end of a dungeon you are presented with a box choice, so far between 3 and 5 choices, you then get the random item within the box.  So far as an Archer I’ve mainly gotten warrior stuff, such is my luck…

Overall I’m quite enjoying the game so far, the zoning is a pain, but not overly a problem.  I will report back on later levels once I reach them.


  • Nice post Sres. I have an issue with the kiddie graphics style of asian MMO's but that does look nice.

    I am not a fan of all that instancing in MMO's, I prefer to be running around a zone and see other players not have a single version of the zone for me and my group (dungeons aside of course).

    I'll look out for future posts, as you are now our roving MMO reporter. ;)

  • This is my first Asian MMO, so I went in wide eyed (heh) and to be honest the graphics are very nice, the fight animations are excellent, in fact the whole combat system is fun, as opposed to the turn based stuff I've generally played.

  • @sres eye see what you did there!

    (oh lawd, the wit!)

  • Been trying to signup for this game for 3 days now. Seems there are some technical problems, so noone can sign up. NO word from the devs, ofcourse *sigh* I wonder when devs will learn that a mere acknowledgement of peoples problems, perhaps followed by a "we are looking into it", will do WONDERS.

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