Sep 8, 2011

PlanetSide 2 For Nowt!

PlanetSide 2 is going F2P.  This had to happen to compete, Tribes and Firefall being Free to Play made it seem like a bit too costly.  This also means I will definitely be playing from launch rather than “umm”-ing and “ahh”-ing until deciding to play it after everyone else has been playing it for a few weeks, condemning me to always being behind everyone else with the time based leveling skills system.  DAMN YOU TIME! DAMN YOU TO A SNAKEY HELL!

I do hope the F2P stuff is limited to fluff and not superior weapons.  Balance is of vital importance in a PvP player skill based game like PlanetSide.  The game will bomb if it becomes Pay2Win, and I will be very sad indeed.


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  • As it's released by SoE I'm afraid you will be greatly dissappointed, Wodge…My jaw would unhinge if they didnt at least implement pay2getAnEdgeOverFreebs.

    SoE. Just say no.

  • I will be giving it a go. A small nexus band. :) the good thing about the first version was a small band can still do a lot. So fits us well.

    I too hope its not f2w but ffaff has a point.

  • But if it's just fluff, surely not enough people will bother paying?

    • You would be suprised how many people will buy fluff items to make them look good. If you allow better weapons and the like I think more people would give up as they couldn't compete. Personally unless its really skewed I would see it as a challenge to beat the cheats.

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