Sep 15, 2011

Guild Wars 2: Asura Race

I never played the original Guild Wars, but Guild Wars 2 has really caught my attention, graphically it looks spectacular. All this week over on the Guild Wars 2 Asura Race website they’re showcasing the new race Asura.

They seem to be a cross between EQ Gnome and EQ2 Ratonga from what I can see, their history seems to follow the Gnomes tinkering ability and they’re a subterranean race much like the gnomes from EQ1.


  • Nice graphics but another with cutie softie characters. Granted it would be fun to kill them but if they even raised a weapon I would probably fall over laughing.

    Haven't read up on gw2 to be honest. Over instancing in the first incarnation put me off.

  • wodgeftw I’ve added a new comments system, hope this one is better

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