Sep 20, 2011

MMORPG Apps in the marketplace

As an avid/addict to my Android Smartphone, I thought I’d take a look at the add-on Apps for some of the MMORPG’s out there at the moment.

EQ2 Apps

I’m secretly still an EQ2 fan, although I’m unsubbed at the moment, so no better place to start with these apps.

There are currently two apps available on android from my very limited search of ‘EQ2′.

Everquest II Mobile

This is the official free (shocking from SOE I know) app by AFK_Interactive and from the outset the ratings are 2.2 and the comments are pretty damning.

Nice looking app but too many issues for it to be useful at the moment: no haptic feedback, too many FCs and loops, chat/mail doesn’t work. Xperia x10

By: Naiboss

Never connects therefore is useless. Fix stability issues and ill rate higher

By: Mike

As for the app visually it looks quite good, it has all the EQ2 themed backgrounds and feels like a quality product.  However that seems to be where it ended, as it looks like an intern at SOE who knocked this up in Eclipse one evening suddenly found that SOE will take anything and deliver it regardless of overall quality (ooh shiny send it out the door…)

First off we have unhelpful messages the server is not available when you put your wrong login details, after that I hit the snag of not having any characters available to view…

Quest Forever

Is the other app on android and seems to get a very good review of 4.3 stars, a free app again this one covers both EQ1 and EQ2 giving you access to view characters and guilds, as well as view the items from Zam.

A tip, once you have found your characters (using the search feature), make sure to favourite them, via the menu button.

Once you have found your guild, you can gain access to the guild chat by selecting the guild, then clicking menu button, a nice feature, I don’t have a sub at the moment and this seems to work (although no one online in guild to confirm my messages).

The guild chat spawns its own little app, so you can cancel out of Quest Forever and still see guild spam, much like google chat works.

Of the two apps available for EQ2, Quest Forever wins hands down, it’s not pretty by any stretch, but it’s functional and as long as it works, that’s what counts in my book.

Rift Apps

Although I’m now unsubbed from Rift, this was the first game that I used any App, so here are 3 of the main apps you can get on Android Market

Rift Mobile Authenticator

RMA is an official App from Trion World, this is an added extra level of security for the game.  Game companies went a bit nuts earlier in 2011 when the PlayStation Network (PSN) was hacked, and a swathe of mobile authenticators where rushed out.

At first I was happy to try this, I’m a geek when it comes to apps and so loaded this up.

The authenticator needs to be bound to your game, there is a simple in app setup and as a bonus you get a game title of “The Ironclad”.

If you’re like me and don’t read anything, you’ll probably have missed the ‘You must contact Customer Services before removing this app or you will not be able to play’, note in the description of the app (I did anyway).

So when removed, I found I was locked out of the game.  I’ll give Trion their due mind, I was only out for about 2 hours before they got in touch to say they had disabled it for me.

Overall if you have some stupid password like boozegurlxxx then do go and get this app as you’re clearly not good at remembering passwords, if you have a decent password with numbers and symbols I don’t see the point (unless you want the achievement that is.

Rift Assistant

The assistant is a great app if you you’re mad for Rift.  The app comes with Soul Builder, server status, news information, a widget for your home screen and notification push for news and patch, it’s very much the one stop shop for staying in touch with the game when you have to delve into real life (such as toilet breaks).

The app is very simple to use with a nice menu at the front giving access to all the features.  As a free app you would expect the advert banner at the bottom, which isn’t invasive.

The Soul Tree creator is good, hold to get information on each piece of your soul, single tap to increase.  To deduct you can open menu and choose deduct points.  There is also a save feature allowing you to reload them at will, great for when you have a few spare moments for soul creation, be patient with the reload, it may need a little refining as it is pretty slow and seemed to make two passes from what I could see.

A nice feature would be the ability to export to email, allowing you to then put it into a document on your PC.

The widget is pretty basic, you choose the server and it shows you the status, it does a job.

Rift Soul Tree Builder

So onto the last app of this post, the Rift Soul Tree Builder is a cut down version of Rift Assistant, you essentially get the soul tree functionality.  You might think, why would I want just that when Assistant gives me so much more…

RSTB is by far the better of the two apps for creating and manipulating souls.  The person who wrote this has spent quite a long time on the visuals as well as the interface as well as localising it for English, French and German.

It has the ability to save and load builds and also allows you to socialise with them through twitter, Facebook and email.

The app feels quality and is worth the Pro version (Rift Soul Tree Builder UNLOCK)

I can’t even see a downside to this app as the developer regularly updates it and keeps in touch with the users.


That’s it for this round, I’ll be doing a round on World of Warcraft Apps on the Android market next, there’s a lot more out there for that game, so I’ll dedicate a whole post to that.

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