Oct 3, 2011

Ffaffner in the land of Wurm Online

In the ever continuation of detachment from the virtual world, that is going on in recent (and future) MMO’s, I have found myself craving a new world to escape to. It seems that every single MMO these days have 90% of its focus set on gameplay and 10% on a players ability to interact with the world without the result being of a competitive nature. Wolfshead over at WolfsheadOnline.com, has discussed this problem over and over again, and his points has IMO become more and more valid as each new MMO releases.

The last couple of weeks I have decided to “tune out”, and like a hermit fed up with the current state of society, I have fled out into the woods to get back to “how it once was”; back to older days, or at least a world that looks like and works like older days.

I’ve searched for a place to bring back that level of escapism, that older MMOs as Everquest 1 and Vanguard has provided me in the past. Yes, I have even re-subbed to some of these old games to see if the magic was still there, and ofcourse I became the victim of glorified memories that couldn’t stand up to the changes that has happened to myself and NOT happened to these games, since I left them many years ago.

As a way to get my feet in the binary soil of a fake reality again, I have shifted my focus from socializing, exploring and fighting, to the art of crafting. Crafting has always been kind of offputting to me, as I found it dull and without any meaning in the virtual worlds I have been habitating. I’ve always felt that crafting took away precious time, where I could be interacting and adventuring with my friends, but now it seems like it might be the only way to interact with a world, that today has been reduced to a stage, a bleak lifeless background-set in a cartoon you’ve seen a billion times.

A few weeks ago I booted up Wurm Online for the first time. My first notion was to delete the game as fast as possible, but as I’ve heard some good things about it in the past, I gave it a chance. It wasn’t easy though, as WO looks like something that is older than old. But after finishing the important tutorial, I set foot out into the real world, and then I saw that the world of Wurm offers something I have been missing for a long time. Horizons, stretches of land, possibilities and magnitude.

I believe I wish I could fly

In short Wurm Online is a sandbox MMORPG focused on survival and crafting. It’s built up almost entirely in Java, which is probably the reason for the dated graphics. The crafting system is pretty simple, but VERY deep, and this is what makes it interesting. You can manipulate the gameworld and the physical attributes of the land, and you can build almost anything from houses to ships. The game do have a simple combat-system, but this isn’t where the main focus is….at least not on a PvE server. Dangers are everywhere in the form of normal wildlife and more fantasy oriented creatures like goblins, trolls and demons, so some kind of strategy towards protection is a very good idea. And this is something I REALLY like about WO. It’s more about protecting yourself than attacking other. At least for now.

At the moment I am playing on the free PvE server “Deliverance”, and to hopefully get some guildies to try the game out with me, I have been making some posts on our guildforum about my experiences in Wurm Online. I have decided to move this small journal of mine to these pages, to see if anyone else might find this strange little game interesting. What I have written so far, will be accessible here in a new post, and I plan to make other posts in the future about WO if I should choose to subscribe and stick to the game. Mmo-symposium writers Sres and Yetian is trying out the game with me, so they will probably chip in with their own posts in the near future.

The beginning of a field

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