Oct 7, 2011

Wurm Online: My first couple of days

As promised in my recent post, here is a small journal of my travels so far in the land of Wurm Online. As I don’t like stripping my  games down to the math behind, my approach was to just jump in and seek info on the wiki when I needed it.

Journal entry 1:

“While the game might look awful at first, it helps the immersion knowing that everywhere around you there are other players trying to carve themselves a small piece of the world. The game feels so much more habitated than any other game I’ve tried.

It takes quite a while getting a grasp of how things work, but after that (and after your skills has raised a bit) it feels a lot more rewarding than when just starting out.

I’m struggeling with getting metal and mining, and I can’t find many creatures to hunt who won’t kill me in 5 seconds. This means that I have to forage for nuts and berries when getting low on food. Once in a while I do kill a deer and get some nice meat, but this is definately one of the things I’m not too great at. Luckily I have quite a few layers of fat to burn, when my stomach reaches empty.


This is a screenie of my small 1×1 shed I have JUST built. Damn it feels good! And it took quite a while, especially as I’ve chosen to leave the starter area and find myself a spot to live. This makes ressources hard to come by, though! But now I can drop my stuff inside my shed, and this way people can’t loot it. If someone breaks in it will be flagged as “stealing”, but I have no idea what that means gameplay-wise.

To make my little shed I’ve been levelling the ground with my shovel and flattening it. Then I’ve been mining iron to make some nails for the shed. After that I’ve been cutting down surrounding trees to make me some planks (a LOT is needed *phew*). And at last I could start building the walls. I finished it all by making a lock to put on the door, so now I’m finally safe……SOMEWHAT  safe as I’ve seen a few giant spiders running around my area

Next step is to cultivate the ground around my shed and set up a wooden fence to keep other players AND scary demon-spider-goblin-lions out. After that I need to forage for seeds and then grow some stuff. Hopefully I will stumble upon some cotton, as i need it for my stick and fishhook. After that it will all be a breeze…..I hope.”

Journal entry 2:

“I read somewhere that if you want to find a nice place to setup without everybody around you owning everything, you have to pick a direction and then just walk on. The first two times I did that I walked for 20 mins and then some spider or bear killed me. Third time I went straight for some mountains and after 15 mins I found a nice place close to water, mountainside and trees. It seems like I’m very far from clay, which annoys the hell out of me. I might “leave home” soon and go on a trip to find some clay, make myself some pottery and then head back. I probably won’t make it in a day, though.

I’m not 100% sure where I am, but it must be around south of Middle Of Nowhere on this map: http://noizeviola…m_map2.png (You start out at Green Dog).

Regarding  sharing and living with friends, I think at least one has to be a subscriber to set up a village and create a deed for some land, but I have no idea how all that works. If we all set up close to each other we can always share components and other stuff.

You need to set up close to water until you can get some pottery to hold water in. Fairly quickly you can carve yourself a stick and make a wooden fish hook. If you then succeed to botanize some cotton from a grass tile, you can make some string and then finish a fishing pole, which means an end to starving AFAIK. I havent found any cotton yet though.

Each crafting step has a timed component to it which is annoying but quite fair. After all it wouldn’t be fun if it took under a second to mine a wall. The time component scales according to the quality and condition of your tools, your nutrition-, water- and foodlevel, your skilllevel and your current stamina. Some actions require you to keep an eye on a lot of different craftingitems at once. Try juggling a campfire that needs to stay lit by adding wooden scraps and the heatlevel of iron lumps inside the fire while trying to craft nails from glowing iron before it turns cold again.

Right now, Im trying to build a wooden fence around my shed, but I need more iron for nails….and it’s cold outside and there are wolves after me *sniffle*”

Journal entry 3:

“I just ventured out in what I believe to be north west of my position. I tried to find some clay, and although I stumbled upon quite a few villages and lakes, I never found any clay at all :/ I did find someones unfinished clay jars, and as there was no owner I put them in my inventory. I found out that the next step in creating them was using water on them, but as I have no clay bowl, I cant handle water…sigh.

I hear theres plenty of clay near the shoreline, so I might venture south another day to get to the nearest shore. I’m a bit hesitant to do so though, because today it took me quite a while finding my shed again after going on the quest for clay. At some point I thought I was going crazy and should just give up on my small shed and start over again, but then JUST over a hill, there it was!

Damn this game takes a lot of time!”

Journal entry 4:

“I succeded in finishing the clay jars I found, but I can only use them to store food and water, as I need a bowl to be able to make soup and casseroles…I was a bit dissapointed but at least I can now carry water around with me!

Today I finally found a ball of cotton! I didnt use it for string though, as I choose to pick it for seeds instead. This way I can plant cotton and hopefully get more cotton this way. Cant wait till my crops are ready

Still Im struggeling with getting enough food atm, but I hope that my recently sowed rye will help me make some bread…I just need a scythe to harvest it, and I have no idea how to get one atm….sigh. Every time you take a step forward you realize there are two more to be taken to actually get what you want “

This has been a description of my first days in Wurm Online. Some time has past since then, and a lot has happened. I will soon follow up with another journal of how my situation in Wurm Online has changed quite a bit….oh, and I promise you some action and bloodshed too.

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