Oct 10, 2011

Wurm Online: Travelling and wildlife

Journal entry 5

“I’ve decided to abandon my small slab of land, and head towards Kendra where Sres and Yetian has set up camp. It’s pretty far from where I am, but it sounds like they’ve got more resources over there, so I’m taking the chance. I’ll bring whatever important stuff I have, and hope I will be able to locate my body when I die somewhere in the wilderness; because I’m pretty sure I will!

I felt a bit sad, as I had to say goodbye to my homeland *sniff*. I slowly began my journey in the direction I believed to be north-west. My plan was to head back to Green Dog, and from there go south around the mountain and then straight west towards the coast. After that it should be a short and probably safer trip towards Kendra. Before I left, I harvested my field of cotton which yielded me 2 balls of cotton. I decided to use one of them for string, so I could finally finish my fishing pole. The other I will pick for seeds, so I can start a new production when I arrive at Sres and Yetians place. I stocked up on water and fish and headed out.

While I walked down the first hill my shed got smaller and smaller in the distance until all I could see was the smoke coming from my last campfire. I left a bunch of planks and a few fields ripe with rye.

After a long walk I realized that I was on the wrong track. Apparently I was heading straight West, and suddenly I was in a huge forest with loads of wolves. I quickly fled the place and with a pack of wolves on my tail and stamina at about 20%, I entered a settlement where the guards quickly dispatched the wolves. This running towards the guards, was a strategy I first tried in Everquest 1 and it seems to work wonderfully well in Wurm also.

I now found myself at the bank of a huge lake, and something told me I had been here before. At the left and right of the lake there was 2 mountains, so it LOOKED like I was south of Green Dog. I started my way around the lake and right enough, I ended up at the Wurm Online starter area: “Green Dog”.

After getting some more water and fish I headed south towards Mithril Hall, as I was hoping this way would be easier and shorter than going north around the mountain. I suspect this was a wrong assessment…I reached Mithril Hall without any serious problems, but in that town I completely lost my bearings. I asked a friendly citizen, who pointed me in the right direction and he even gave me a compass! Thx a lot, stranger whose name I don’t remember!


Full of positivity I now headed west for the coast, but I soon got a bit worried as it seemed I was going up all the time, and I wasn’t keen on ending up on a mountain top without a chance of getting down again. After dodging a spider in an olive tree forest and exiting the forest on the other side, I was getting increasingly nervous as no sign of civilization was in sight. The tall grass had me walking over the edge of a cliff, and I ended up getting quite crippled from a nasty fall. As bad luck usually comes with an extra dose of bad luck, I was jumped by a mountain lion while recuperating.  How I survived this encounter is beyond me, but the lion went down (a feat I have yet to repeat).  To my luck I hadn’t sustained any medium wounds, so time would now be the healer.

I'm sure I'll survive a nice stroll through a dark forest!

Hmm...where is west? And what was that noise?!


After such a close-to-death experience people have a tendency to get cocky, and sadly I too was victim of this false sense of immortality. I simply got careless which in WO very quickly can be your downfall, and indeed did I fall…yet again. Word of advice to WO newbies: No. Taking that shortcut down a steep cliffside probably isn’t a good idea. I ended yet again in the grass, slowed down by a legwound, and ofcourse another sneaky feline predator took advantage of my obvious disadvantages. Short story even shorter: A nearby spider joined the action and I died at what I later found out to be about 50 meters from a settlement with guards.


This Is What You Get From Falling...and getting jumped by spiders and lions

The settlement meant that I was on the right track, and after a horrible coprserun, (running around trying to find your own corpse and dropped items) I finally reached the westcoast.

There it is! I can see water! *sob* Oh thank you looooord!

No more trees. Signs of civilization. Ffaffner is happy!


Following the coast north I ended up finding my needle in the haystack: Sres’ and Yetians few dirttiles.”


The start of something big: "neXus"


I have now been living with Sres and Yetian for a few days. Markbrad and Gotchi have joined us and we are slowly getting a plan done. A plan involving lots of building and crafting to ensure our survival in this slightly more dangerous part of the world. It does feel safer though to be with friends instead of having to watch you own back all the time. The gathering of resources is a lot faster now, and even raising our first shed was fairly quick as we could divide the worktasks between us.

I’m sure my troubles aren’t over yet, but I’m looking forward to see what Wurm Online has to offer when playing in a group. From now on I won’t be writing journals on a day to day basis, but I plan to do some broader updates on our current situation.

To be continued…

PS. I never got to take any screenshots of my encounters with spiders and lions. I was way too busy either running, fighting or crying (mostly crying). Instead I will treat you to a screenie of this deceased scorpion I came by during my travels!


No....I didn't kill this giant scorpion. Not. At. All.


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  • Thanks for these posts.

    Only just stumbled across them and was disappointed to see this was the last one. Are there anymore?

    Wurm interests me quite a bit and it’s good to read these to get a feel for the game (I could just try it but currently Eve is taking all my free time)

    • Ffaffner isn’t playing the the moment. I am still loving Wurm though and should have posted but slack. ;-)

      Check out mmoquests, should be in our blogroll. Stargrace is my neighbour in Wurm.

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