Dec 1, 2011

Star Wars Old Republic

I’ve always been a huge fan of Star Wars and so as you can expect when they announced another MMO for Star Wars I was all over it.  I’ve consumed vast amounts of information about the game as well as the Star Wars world, I have the films (multiple times over on various formats) and in general can be called a Star Wars Geek (and proud).

If you’ve been living under a rock, you won’t know that last weekend was the Old Republic Open Beta weekend, it was the weekend the whole of the MMO community swooped on the game to draw the servers to its knees and make the developers and engineers cry.

As a developer I know what release days are like, I’ve had 3 in my 15 year career where I’ve had to deploy software, not on the scale we see this weekend, but it’s still scary when you’re the only one who can solve any issues that appear.

So I hope you all game a thought and a thanks to the developers and engineers, they’ve been working tirelessly these past months and years to bring you a game that will no doubt rock from what has been put out there.

I didn’t play the beta…

You see in the past games I’ve done beta’s and lost the mojo for the game that gets built up because of the failings of the software.  Everquest 2 did this, I got so into the beta that I forgot that my character would be reset and I would have to start over, this wasn’t too bad, but when I got into the Live version I found I was bored because I’d already done that content and it was a chore to play instead of a joy to play though.

The same happened on EVE Online, having played the beta I decided not to play it from release, because there where that many issues with the game in beta.  This was a mistake, as although you can soon now get up into the realms of being a veteran destroyer in a team, you can never ever compete with these guys because their skills are so far more advanced.

I’d also like to say the reason I also quit EVE for the first time (after going back after beta) was the fact I ploughed through the 800,000 skill points and then they made that change that gave new starters 800,000 skills at the start…  I got no recompense for my wasted time and so I quit (I did go back a little later, but the excitement soon waned).

So the question’s are, who’s played the beta and how was it?  What class are you going?  Are you looking forward to playing?

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  • I fell in love with MMOs when EQ first launched myself. That game was so awesome for pulling you in even when you had to camp mobs for hours, deal with massive trains, and raid for single player quest items… it was still magic.

    I have really enjoyed how SWTOR has done their single player game. Leveling isn’t so bad.

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