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Mines of MoriaA little while ago I talked about one of the aspects of the Mines of Moria expansion for LOTRO that I was disappointed with (See: Fall From Grace). Now that I have had a chance to delve deeper into the halls below the Misty Mountains, I’m happy to report that the experience was a singular exception.

When I first began browsing screenshots for the upcoming Moria expansion last year, I was somewhat unimpressed. The interior modelling seemed all too basic – the architecture simple, angular and repetitive, the texturing uninspiring. But it has to be said, a book should not be judged by its cover. The in-game experience is completely different than the static screenshots would have us believe and the atmosphere and grandeur of this legendary dwarven stronghold has truly been captured. The comment I’ve heard most from players is that Moria is BIG and it is all too easy to lose yourself in it’s labyrinthine maze of passages and caverns. And Turbine have injected a wealth of variety, with each zone comfortably unique, but in-keeping with the greater whole. The feeling of immersion is so convincing at times that I’ve even found myself longing for the open sky and breeze-caressed foothills of Eregion on occasion. It’s going to take a while to fully explore and appreciate every wonder that Moria has to offer, but it will be well worth the adventure.


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  • With my occasional foray into LOTRO I'm not likely to see Moria for a long time, I can however appreciate your comments. I've often found in MMO's that screen shots simply can't do justice to the full in game effect of an area.

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